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jrugged Build Status

A Java libary of robustness design patterns

About JRugged

The JRugged library implements some common patterns needed for building robust, production-ready server code in Java. It provides straightforward add-ons to existing code to make it more tolerant of failures and easier to manage. In other words, it makes your Java code more rugged!

Getting started is easy, just check out our Examples page. If you would just like to browse the wiki you can start on our Main Page.


  • 3 March 2013: Version 3.1.0 of the JRugged Library released!

    • Modified performance monitor to return 0's instead of EmptySet Exception
    • Removed a terrible linkage to log4j
    • Changed the way statuses were reported to add the service currently reporting a given status
    • Minor bug fixes from the 3.0.3 version
  • 14 March 2012: Version 3.0.3 of the JRugged Library released!

    • Fixed issue #55: Use InitalizingBean extension rather than @Autowired
    • Fixed issue #54: Non-threadsafe usage of LatencyTracker in PerformanceMonitor
    • Fixed issue #53: Copyright year update
    • Fixed issue #50: Tread Safety in SampledQuantile
    • Issue #49: Updated Java doc information to clarify usage of Initializer
    • Issue #48: Autodiscover @CircuitBreaker Annotations
  • 19 September 2011: Version 3.0.0 of the JRugged Library released!

    • Fixed issue #35: Cleaned up and added Java Doc where it was missing
    • Fixed issue #37: Fixed an NPE in PerformanceMonitor
    • Fixed issue #38: NPE from DefaultFailureInterpreter (synchronization issue)
    • Enhancement issue #40: Allows a CircuitBreaker to start/initialize in a hard trip state.
    • Enhancement issue #41: Provide an exception mapper patter for the ConstantFlowRegulator
    • Fixed issue #42: Compilation error due to log4j dependency
    • Enhancement issue #43: The annotations available in the aspects package can now make use of the beans for PerformanceMonitors and CircuitBreakers allowing for a much cleaner implementation. The annotations are now much more useful and robust.
    • Enhancement issue #44: RolledUpStatus was improved to allow a more concise status reporting. The naming of the classes associated with the status have changed as well - to improve the readability and understandability of the code base.
    • Enhancement issue #45: Changed the pom's to include a more recent version of Spring (3.0.5)
    • Enhancement issue #46: Added a way in the spring integration to automatically 'discover' those classes with the annotations included in the aspects package to auto-publish their JMX information if there is a JMX server already registered in the spring config.

    Many thanks to walter_eggert at comcast dot com, coby_young at comcast dot com, raghushankar_ramalingam at comcast dot com and michajlo_matijkiw at comcast dot com (Mishu) who contributed to this next great release of the JRugged Library.

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A Java libary of robustness design patterns



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