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Magic-Wand is a helper for creating WebDrivers. This allows test to easily rely on different WebDrivers depending on different system requirements. Currently there are targets to allow for generation of:

  • locally connected:
    • mobile phones
    • web browsers
  • dawg house connected:
    • mobile phones
    • saucelabs web browsers


How do I use it?

When magic-wand runs, it loads drivers from the class path and the local environment. The factories that generate the drivers all inherit from WizardFactory. The search path can be expanded from the packages on the class path so that it examines URLs in the MAGICWAND_PACKAGES environment and system properties paths. Multiple URLs can be entered in these entries. Entries are delimited by semicolons.

##Submitting Issues Please file a github issue for any problems or feature requests (or better yet, submit a pull request!)