Vanilla Web Components for global Header, Footer & Toast notifications for XFINITY Websites
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Polaris is the codename for the universal Header, Footer & Toast notifications for XFINITY Websites. This repo contais the Vanilla Web Components for those 3 custom elements.

How to Set up Your Development Environment

  1. Install Yarn

    Follow the instructions at

  2. Install Polaris dependencies:

  3. Start the server:

     `yarn start`


    `yarn test`

JavaScript Unit Testing

Polaris uses Web Component Tester as its JavaScript testing framework.

You can run WCT using yarn test or wct - install wct globally first with yarn global add wct

JavaScript Code Coverage

Polaris uses Istanbul in tracing JavaScript code coverage.

How to generate code coverage:

  1. Run a test yarn test

  2. View the report in your browser:

    open coverage/index.html

Building for Release

    `yarn build`