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systemd service agent

Build Status

Build Requirements

Files used by service agent

Initialization of the service agent requires a directory name to be provided. In this directory, the following files will be written:

  • /logs -- directory where log files will be written

  • svcagt_exclude_services.txt -- list of services to be excluded (one per line)

  • svcagt_goal_states.txt -- list of services that have been started or stopped by service agent -- and the state.


Two types of test can be run. The systemd tests invoke systemctl, and actually start and stop services. The pass-fail tests use a mock systemctl, so that code paths can be tested without actually invoking systemctl.

Setup for Systemd Tests

Before you can run the systemd tests, you need to run a setup script:

  1. cd .../service-agent-c/tests
  2. python

The setup creates a mock_systemctl. It also creates and installs three test services for use with the systemd tests.

Running Tests

Systemd Tests

To run the systemd tests :

  1. cd .../service-agent-c/tests
  2. .
  3. In a separate terminal window, run test_svcagt

Pass-Fail Tests

To run the pass-fail tests :

  1. cd .../service-agent-c/tests
  2. ../build/tests/test_svcagt