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An Akamai GTM Terraform provider
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An Akamai provider for HashiCorp Terraform.


  1. Download the desired release version for your operating system
  2. Untar the download contents
  3. Install the terraform-provider-akamai anywhere on your system
  4. Add terraform-provider-akamai to your ~/.terraformrc file:
providers {
  "akamai" = "path/to/your/terraform-provider-akamai"

Install from source

If you'd prefer to install from source:

  1. Add terraform-provider-akamai to your ~/.terraformrc file:
providers {
  "akamai" = "$GOPATH/bin/terraform-provider-akamai"
  1. Install terraform-provider-akamai:
git clone
cd terraform-provider-akamai


Note that terraform-provider-akamai assumes the following Akamai credentials stored as environment variables:

export AKAMAI_EDGEGRID_ACCESS_TOKEN=some-access-token
export AKAMAI_EDGEGRID_CLIENT_TOKEN=some-client-token
export AKAMAI_EDGEGRID_CLIENT_SECRET=some-client-secret


See as a usage reference.


When using terraform-provider-akamai against an existing Akamai GTM domain with existing Akamai GTM properties, Terraform will destroy all existing Akamai GTM properties associated with the resource "akamai_gtm_domain" cited in your .tf file. If undesired, this destructive action can be avoided by omitting usage of the resource "akamai_gtm_domain" in your .tf file.

Acceptance Tests

Acceptance tests require Akamai credentials authorized to perform CRUD actions against the GTM domain.

Establish the required AKAMAI_EDGEGRID_* environment variables and execute the tests:

make test

Releasing new versons

To publish a new terraform-provider-akamai release from your git repository's HEAD...

  1. establish a GITHUB_TOKEN env variable: export GITHUB_TOKEN=YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN
  2. edit Makefile's VERSION variable to the appropriate semantic version
  3. execute make build to build the release artifacts
  4. execute make release to publish the release artifacts to GitHub
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