The collection of small common packages for the webpa project.
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johnabass Merge pull request #338 from githubsands/get_logger_from_context_when…

redirectHandler: get logger from context when error
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concurrent Add code format enforcement to the build process. Sep 28, 2017
conlimiter Remove the variables and just force the types inline. Aug 15, 2016
convey Tests and comments Nov 8, 2017
device Factored out the normalization logic for jobs; explicit tests around … Oct 3, 2018
event fixed a typo Dec 8, 2017
hash Added MergeConnections; made ServiceHashHolder implement handler.Conn… May 24, 2016
health hotfix to address the race condition with the stats marshaling Nov 28, 2017
httppool fix issues warned by new changes in go1.10 (#237) Feb 21, 2018
logging Pruned out this unused mocking package Sep 4, 2018
middleware Assert nextCalled properly Sep 4, 2018
resource Feature/support kid (#26) Aug 29, 2016
secure Fixed the tests Jun 5, 2018
server Return a done channel that is closed when the runnable exits Sep 17, 2018
service redirectHandler: fix race condition, and remove logger member as one … Oct 16, 2018
store Added GetCancel so that CircularPool can participate in cancellation … Aug 12, 2016
tracing First version of the refactored fanout May 5, 2018
transport/transporthttp Refactored this functionality in terms of xhttp.EnsureRewindable Feb 23, 2018
types Updated the test data Nov 9, 2016
webhook Removing Port From DNS Query Question Oct 11, 2018
wrp ran go generate (#328) Sep 27, 2018
xerrors removing _ in test names Sep 28, 2018
xhttp Rolled back the 'fix' to content type, as it wasn't a fix and was a g… Sep 14, 2018
xlistener Use the hex format, for easier lookup in godoc Sep 19, 2018
xmetrics Don't fail assertions for missing labels Mar 14, 2018
xresolver fixed issues from second code review Oct 11, 2018
xviper refactored the xhttp server injection code for simplicity; added supp… Apr 17, 2018
.gitignore cleaned up the logging during testing; added logging for the configur… Dec 14, 2017 Add code format enforcement to the build process. Sep 28, 2017
.travis.yml Increased go version for Travis CI build Oct 5, 2018
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Environment Setup Instructions


1) Set up a new workspace (Optional, skip to step 2 if you want to edit webpa-common in your existing workspace)

newWorkSpace=~/xmidt   #this can be any path you want
export GOPATH=$newWorkSpace

2) Create necessary path

mkdir -p $GOPATH/

3) Clone repo

git clone

4) Get Dependencies

cd webpa-common
glide install --strip-vendor

5) Try running the tests!