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Comet Backup translations

@CometBackup on Twitter

Help translate Comet

We're committed to making Comet available in different languages.

Our first option is to translate in-house. Mostly our staff speak English, so, we are limited in what we can do.

Our second option is to contract an external company to provide translations. However, such companies are often not aware of specific technical terms, or how things work in this industry.

Hence we turn to our third option: our customers. You know the industry; you know the software; you know the language. If you want to help improve Comet, we would really appreciate any language translation assistance you can offer.

How to help

Comet uses the industry-standard Gettext (.po) file format for translations. You can download the files and edit them with a free tool like PoEdit or even a plain-text editor like Notepad or Vim.

You can modify the existing translation for a file (such as comet.nl_NL.po for Dutch) or, create a new language translation from the .pot file.

Please modify the included files, and either

  • send them back to us via the support ticket system at, or
  • create a pull request on GitHub.

We will include your translation in the next available version of Comet.

Current translation coverage

Table last regenerated 2019-01-08

Code Language Words Phrases Translation percent
- English 5494 1419 100
de_DE Deutsch 2309 682 48.06
es_ES Español 5593 1207 85.06
fr_FR Français 5532 1207 85.06
he_IL עברית‬ 4757 1246 87.81
hr_HR Hrvatski 4310 1209 85.2
it_IT Italiano 5034 1207 85.06
nl_NL Nederlands 1765 496 34.95
pt_BR Português (Brazil) 5264 1207 85.06
pt_PT Português (Europe) 5653 1332 93.87
ru_RU Русский 2285 685 48.27