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** IN PROGRESS : Rough repo patch notes **

🗓 06/05/20

  • Set minimum iOS version of 13.0 for iPhone in IOSBundler

🗓 25/04/20

  • Made bundle version consistent across shards in IOSBundler

🗓 17/04/20

  • Fixed issue with AWSLambdaBundler only calling setup function when the request was triggered by an internal event, not API gateway. The setup function is now called regardless

🗓 31/03/20

  • Added AWSLambdaBundler support for awaiting a default exported function before processing the request

🗓 30/03/20

  • Added Node support for awaiting a default exported function before starting the server

🗓 26/03/20

  • Added AWSLambdaBundler for deploying server side code targeted at AWS Lambda platform

🗓 15/03/20

  • Added experimental SwiftNullabilityTransformer that detects if statements of the form if(x !== null){ ... } and automatically force unwraps all references to x inside the true branch (eg. x!.y)

🗓 13/03/20

  • Emitting TypeScript keyof expression with parentheses in case the operand is an array or something that would be ambiguous without

🗓 08/03/20

  • Upping default request size limits of body-parser in nodejs/express to avoid 413 Request entity too large errors

🗓 07/03/20

  • Output files now contain name of input file to make debugging easier at a glance

🗓 03/03/20

  • Rough first implementation of splash screen generation for iOS with new "splash" asset role

🗓 29/02/20

  • Added support for raw asset includes that just get copied as is. If the asset path is a directory then the directory name will be preserved, otherwise just the file name and extension is preserved

🗓 28/02/20

  • Added syntax support in RelaxedParser for invocation and indexing following optional and forced chains, ie foo?.(bar), foo?.[bar], foo!.(bar), foo!.[bar]
  • Added CT Exec timeout to hack around underlying issue where Node process sometimes does not terminate at the end of CT Exec phase
  • Fix for issue where TypeScriptEmitter would put a return value on a new line. In TS/JS the return value has to follow the return keyword on the same line

🗓 27/02/20

  • Added more granular iOS target platforms (ios/iphone, ios/ipad) to allow for specifying that an artifact only targets a subset of the iOS device family
  • Made SwiftUI the inherent default for iOS targets

🗓 26/02/20

  • Added support for new target platform nodejs/express
  • Added body-parser dependency for NodeJS Express generation to fix issue where POST body was not being parsed

🗓 25/02/20

  • Decoupled code for generating Node JS files (eg. package.json, tsconfig.json, Express router) out from FirebaseFunctionsBundler to make it reusable across Node platforms

🗓 24/02/20

  • IOSBundler emits raw sources with their original filename, to prevent mangling of names and extensions that are conventional (like xxx-Bridging-Header.h). It will not deduplicate any clashes for now so this approach has limitations

🗓 22/02/20

  • Fix TypeScriptEmitter bug when emitting type definition for array of intersection or union type

🗓 16/02/20

  • Fixed exception caused when parsing a mixture of previously seen source paths and new source paths, that resulted in duplication of components in the resulting list
  • Fix for TypeScriptEmitter not emitting optional flags on parameters

🗓 15/02/20

  • FirebaseFunctionsBundler now puts any dependencies with a name starting @types/ into package.json devDependencies map, and other dependencies go in the standard dependencies map
  • FirebaseFunctionsBundler uses cleanUrls by default

🗓 11/02/20

  • Added basic JSONEmitter and JSON as a target language
  • Fixed nasty bug in CTExec when hoisting dependencies on ambient symbols (eg. config) that clashed with symbols of the same name in scope (defined by user code)
  • Can now optionally specify a target file name when using addRes(...) during CTExec

🗓 10/02/20

  • Added support for static-site shard role in FirebaseFunctionsBundler that produces a static site as part of the output
  • CT Exec now removes a #compiler directive enitrely if it does not execute any #emit directives (empty replacement string). Previously this would result in replacing the #compiler directive with an empty string code constant
  • Fixed bug where empty files were being emitted
  • Added AbsoluteEntryPointPath to Shard, that contains the absolute file path of the entrypoint file for the shard instance

🗓 09/02/20

  • Fix for bug emitting while loops in SwiftEmitter

🗓 08/02/20

  • Fix for issue where child files were not being preserved inside a preserved directory path

🗓 06/02/20

  • Removed default NSExtensionActivationRule manifest values in IOSBundler for share extension
  • Added support for emitting shard resources to res/ file in FirebaseFunctionsBundler
  • Added hack for creating public/ directory to avoid error thrown by Firebase when deploying if that path does not exist
  • Made Node 10 the engine in package.json emitted by FirebaseFunctionsBundler

🗓 04/02/20

  • Fixed indentation and formatting issues in SwiftEmitter for multiline strings, instead concatenating groups of individual strings and replacing newlines with equivalent escape sequence

🗓 03/02/20

  • Fixed missing cases for adding subset destructuring symbols to scope, specifically when the destructurings are nested within each other
  • Created standalone JavaScriptEmitter from existing parts of CTExecEmitter
  • Added JavaScript as a target language for Artifacts
  • Fixed bug in CTExecEmitter where NullCoalescence nodes were not being emitted correctly

🗓 28/01/20

  • Fixed parsing out of range exception that occurred when creating the origin range for an ArrayConstruction expression
  • Fixed parsing bug when using a keyword symbol as a shorthand property assignment in a DynamicConstruction expression

🗓 21/01/20

  • Heavy CT exec refactoring to support nesting #emit directives inside #compiler directive to conditionally output code

🗓 20/01/20

  • Adding global.config symbol to CT exec so that user code can read and write a shared space (blackboard) during compilation

🗓 19/01/20

  • iOS PList is now a dictionary internally up until point of serialization, to allow user code to inject values into it during compile time, rather than it be inaccessible
  • addManifestEntry CT API added to allow for injecting custom manifest entries for the target platform (eg. in the Info.plist on iOS)

🗓 18/01/20

  • Updated definition for ScrollView in SwiftUI transformer

🗓 16/01/20

  • Renamed literal code generation directive from #codegen to #emit
  • Added missing CT exec polyfill for NotNull expressions

🗓 11/01/20

  • Parser now distinguishes between dynamic type construction (object literal), and dictionary construction where the type annotation accompanies the construction (eg. casts and initializers)
  • Fixed binary expression parsing for shifts, where child nodes were being attached using the wrong SemanticRole on edges

🗓 10/01/20

  • Fixed invalid Swift syntax emitted for empty dictionary construction

🗓 09/01/20

  • iOS bundler targeting Swift will remove the export part of a top level declaration, because symbols in Swift are shared in a singular global namespace

🗓 08/01/20

  • Explicitly setting GCC_OPTIMIZATION_LEVEL=0 in iOS bundler to help speed up Swift compile times
  • Updated NavigationLink init argument definition in iOS SwiftUI transformer

🗓 07/01/20

  • SwiftUI transformer now uses unique lexeme for geometry handle when injecting code to matchParent dimensions, instead of using the lexeme parent which has a higher probability of clashing with symbols in user code

🗓 06/01/20

  • SwiftUI transformer now injects some modifier to any function that has return type : View, in order to satisfy the Swift compiler
  • Adding BUILD_LIBRARY_FOR_DISTRIBUTION=YES build setting to ensure compatibility between the user code, and frameworks compiled with a different version of the Swift compiler (

🗓 05/01/20

  • Adding timers to investigate improving performance
  • Passing session and artifact to preserved debug file paths bundler function to allow for artifact specific file preservation

🗓 04/01/20

  • Added support for Swift Package Manager dependencies in iOS bundler

🗓 02/01/20

  • Fixed bugs around transforming ternary expressions in view constructions for Swift targets
  • Increased socket server buffer size from 1kb to 512kb to help tackle performance issues

🗓 01/01/20

  • Added function to return the left hand side of a qualified access node

🗓 31/12/19

  • Fixed issue where bundler preserved paths were not being preserved if the path contained more than one level

🗓 30/12/19

  • SwiftUI transformation now converts ternary expressions in views to their equivalent if statement, with only non-null branches present in the emitted output (instead of replacing null values with EmptyView and wrapping branches in AnyView(...) construct to satisfy swiftc)

🗓 28/12/19

  • Fixed bug where for of body was not being attached as child of ForMembersLoop
  • Fixed bug for emitting strings containing escape sequences (ie. '') in TypeScript Emitter
  • Firebase Functions Bundler now only returns detailed unexpected error diagnostics if not in production environment (process.env.ENV !== 'production')

🗓 27/12/19

  • Fix TypeScript Emitter bug for imported and exported symbols that are not aliased
  • Firebase Functions Bundler no longer performs inlining, and instead emits one file per component
  • Fix for issue that arose with previous Firebase Functions Bundler strategy that used inlining and IIFEs, which meant it was tricky to share type definitions between files

🗓 26/12/19

  • Firebase Functions Bundler skipLibCheck in generated TypeScript config to avoid build errors with untyped or badly typed dependencies
  • Firebase Functions Bundler now hoists platform imports and uses esModuleInterop in generated TypeScript config (instead of nested dynamic import(...)) to avoid asynchronous IIFE wrapper at top level (which is invalid for Firebase Functions anyway)

🗓 24/12/19

  • Firebase Functions Bundler inlining change to support dynamic import(...), so that type definitions are available to TypeScript compiler and source code

🗓 19/12/19

  • Fixed bug with parsing httpVerb annotation for Firebase Functions

🗓 14/12/19

  • Myriad fixes for bugs in AST mutation operations
  • Fixed bug with parsing keypath annotation for iOS

🗓 13/12/19

  • Argument expressions are now parsed into InvocationArgument nodes, rather than just incorrectly using their raw expression value (without the wrapper)

🗓 11/12/19

  • Sharing single CT exec Node process for all artifacts as opposed to overhead of orchestrating one process per artifact

🗓 10/12/19

  • Added compiler internal artifact placeholder so there is now no longer a need to have the build(..) command as the first line of the input file. CT exec requires an artifact instance, which is now the compiler artifact by default, and replaced by explicitly created artifacts in the input sources
  • Renamed build to addArtifact
  • Added source file parameter to addArtifact so caller has to specify the root input file for an artifact now
  • Renamed Ancillary to Shard

🗓 09/12/19

  • Added ability to query AST by SemanticKind to find all Nodes in tree of particular kind in O(1) time

🗓 07/12/19

  • Fix for bug in copying component state accidentally when cloning a component from the cache

🗓 03/12/19

  • Component caching so a source file only has to be read from disk and parsed once
  • iOS bundler no longer combines separate ancillary ASTs into a single AST before emission

🗓 01/12/19

  • Extracted CT exec code into new centralized CTExec directory
  • Clearer and cleaner logging output for determining if a session was successful or failed 📘📕📙📗

🗓 26/11/19

  • Separated compilation into logical frontend and backend phases
  • Removed some instances of parallelization to simplify engine for now and make debugging easier

🗓 25/11/19

  • CTExecInfo added to Session object to help share CT exec information across the compilation of separate artifacts

🗓 21/11/19

  • Null coallesce operator support (eg. x ?? y)

🗓 16/11/19

  • iOS Bundler now supports setting team name (front end API setTeamName(...))
  • iOS Bundler now supports setting display name (front end API setDisplayName(...))
  • iOS Bundler now supports setting version (front end API setVersion(...))
  • Backend support for setting orientation flags (no frontend API yet)
  • iOS Bundler now supports setting orientation
  • Support for adding "font" asset role for adding font resources
  • iOS Bundler now bundles font assets

🗓 09/11/19

  • Frontend addAsset(..) CT exec support for adding image and app icon assets to a build, implementing in iOS Bundler backend

🗓 07/11/19

  • iOS Bundler supports magic attribute matchParent on ViewDeclarations which performs the necessary heavy-lifting wrapping view constructions with GeometryReader logic to fill the available space in the parent

🗓 06/11/19

  • Added SwiftUI definitions for ForEach and LinearGradient

🗓 05/11/19

  • IOSSwiftUITransformer automatically detects multiple return statements in a ViewDeclaration, and wraps each in an AnyView(...) call to satisfy the swiftc compiler

🗓 31/10/19

  • Firebase Functions Bundler now parses parameters from req.params and req.query for GET requests

🗓 30/10/19

  • Fixed emission of membership tests, and erroneous semicolons and braces for fall through switch clauses

🗓 29/10/19

  • Added support in Firebase Functions Bundler for exporting data value declarations (symbols), so now you can write export const foo = require("firebase-functions").pubsub.schedule(...).onRun(...) and the compiler is smart enough to not wire it up as an express route
  • Firebase Functions Bundler no longer dereferences the user object in route handler, so the programmer has to explicitly use this.user or const { user } = this in their route handler
  • Firebase Functions Bundler now also passes the req and res objects in the route handler context, ie. const { req, res } = this
  • Firebase Functions Bundler now supports forcing the HTTP verb to use for a route through a new annotation @httpVerb("post") (note, by default the verb is GET if the route has no parameters, and POST otherwise)
  • Fixed bug in TypeScript Emitter where the operands for a type alias were emitted in reverse order
  • Fixed bug in Swift Emitter where the operands for a type alias were emitted in reverse order

🗓 28/10/19

  • Added support for @extension annotation on ObjectTypeDeclaration for declaring extensions to existing classes in languages like Swift and C#

🗓 24/10/19

  • FirebaseBundler now infers HTTP response code based on type of error thrown, and whether it was expected or not (TypeError, ReferenceError, RangeError etc)

🗓 21/10/19

  • Fix for live lock during CT Exec when nested sources were waiting on Duplex Socket Server to accept new connections

🗓 20/10/19

  • Added SwiftUI definition for built-in Alert component
  • Resources are now per Ancillary, rather than per Artifact, to allow for Ancillaries to use their own distinct resources without clashes

🗓 19/10/19

  • Fixed bugs in iOS Bundler around share extension generation

🗓 18/10/19

  • Added AST DeepRegister(...) helper function that registers all nodes from a source subtree in a destination subtree, for quick copying of arbitrarily deep subtrees
  • iOS Bundler no longer generates AppDelegate and SceneDelegate automatically
  • iOS Bundler no longer inlines all components into single output file, due to constraints of this abstraction when generating arbitrarily complex source programs in a way that stays true to the source. Components are emitted to separate files and shared between multiple ancillary schemes in the manifest
  • iOS Bundler now omits empty components from the emitted artifact bundle for more compact output

🗓 17/10/19

  • Fixed iOS Bundler so it now produces a valid .xcodeproj with schemes and Podfile for main app and share extension
  • Added compile time API support for Ancillary creation with addAncillary(role, entrypointSource)
  • Cleaned up naming convention for AST manipulation API

🗓 16/10/19

  • Artifacts can now have ancillaries (such as an iOS share extension) that define the multiple entrypoints/usages in context

🗓 14/10/19

  • Fix for CT Exec choking on Compiler Hint nodes (eg. declare let x : any), now they are discarded from the AST used for compile time evaluation
  • Fix for computed properties for single identifiers (eg. [x] : ...) being treated as normal identifiers (ie. x)
  • Added new SemanticKind for ComputedValue
  • Added emission support for ComputedValue in TypeScript Emitter
  • Added limited emission support for DynamicTypeConstruction in Swift Emitter, specifically only when keys are identifiers

🗓 06/10/19

  • Fixed bug where new AST edges were connected with indices based on live edges rather than all edges
  • Renamed GetEdges helper function to GetLiveEdges to provide clarity

🗓 05/10/19

  • use_frameworks! only included in Pod if target language is Swift
  • Mapped init arguments for TabView in SwiftUI
  • Fundamental reimplementation of CT Exec code generation to fix bugs with CT API messages being replayed multiple times which caused an RST message that kills the socket connection
  • Fixed bug in iOS Bundler where static modifier was errantly added to declarations at file scope

🗓 04/10/19

  • Bundlers can now specify files and directories to preserve (reuse) between debug emissions, such as folders containing dependencies that might otherwise be time consuming and frustrate to populate each time
  • Bug fixes around directive parsing meaning they can now be used robustly in more expression and statement contexts, such as inline in argument lists (eg. foo(x, #codgen ..., y))
  • Added support for annotations and modifiers on export declarations
  • Added support for detecting @enforceAuth annotation on inferred server routes
  • Firebase Functions Bundler exposes user symbol implicitly in all route handler bodies (but value may be null if authorization is not enforced)
  • Firebase Functions Bundler returns 401 Unauthorized when authorization fails to validate for routes with @enforceAuth
  • Disabling automatic qualification of incident symbol references in iOS Bundler because neither TypeScript semantics (source) or Swift semantics (target) do this implicitly, and also the current implementation does not account for inherited instance symbols
  • Fixed inconsistencies with Firebase Functions Bundler error response schema
  • Removed data wrapper around Firebase Functions Bundler response value
  • iOS Bundler now configures Info.plist to allow local networking without TLS

🗓 03/10/19

  • iOSBundler generated Podfile now specifier iOS 13.0 as target version, in lieu of making this configurable ultimately
  • Swift/iOSBundler automatic qualifying of instance symbols by prefixing self. to instance symbol references inside closures
  • INamed interface for AST Nodes that have a Name property
  • Fix for passing correct operator token when creating binary expression

🗓 02/10/19

  • Fixed parsing conditional expressions (eg. x ? y : z) caused by bug in parsing maybe null (safe unwraps) (eg x?.y)
  • Fixed bug parsing not null expressions (eg. x!.y)
  • Renamed placeholder name Sempiler.Parsing.S1 to Sempiler.Parsing.TokenUtils
  • Renamed placeholder name Sempiler.Parsing.Lexer.XToken to Sempiler.Parsing.Lexer.Token
  • Fixed bug in Firebase Functions Bundler when failing to bail out early if a Component import specifier was not resolved
  • Added support to specify the Proto internal duplex socket server port with command line switch (eg. --p 1234)

🗓 01/10/19

  • Fix for exception caused by lexer reporting wrong position when parsing single identifier parameters
  • Fixed bug when parser was silently eating an extra token in not null expressions (eg. x!.y)
  • Added support for parsing maybe null (safe unwraps) (eg x?.y)

🗓 30/09/19

  • Fix for body of error trap (eg. try) not being emitted by any target emitter
  • Implemented error trap emission for Swift (try/catch)

🗓 29/09/19

  • Added support for addCapability(name : string, value : string | string[]) compile time API function
  • Added support for isTargetLanguage(name : string) : bool compile time API function
  • Added support for isTargetPlatform(name : string) : bool compile time API function
  • iOS Bundler now allows for entrypoint function to access launch options, eg. export default function main(launchOptions : { [key : UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey] : Any }){...}
  • Fixed NullPointerException when addRawSources(...) did not match any file paths

🗓 28/09/19

  • Fixed parsing NullPointerException when encountering type literal without members
  • Fixed bug with switch that meant a clause body was null if it contained more than 1 statement

🗓 26/09/19

  • Proto now has non zero exit code if compilation errors occurred
  • Firebase Functions Bundler routes return error message, code and stack if an exception is thrown
  • Fixed bug with TypeScript emitter not emitting annotations and modifiers on lambda declarations

🗓 24/09/19

  • Firebase Functions Bundler bug fixes, now able to build a correct bundle from source files

🗓 23/09/19

  • Many bug fixes around complex symbol resolution in arbitrarily nested scopes, including unresolved symbols now getting propagated to caller (rather than silently ignored)
  • Majority of work done to support Firebase Functions as a valid target platform
  • Fixed compile time execution of await and throw statements
  • Better support for determining if a subtree is statically computable at compile time
  • Fixed a lot of TypeScript emitter bugs
  • Sharing previous duplicated code between bundlers
  • Sharing previous duplicated code between language semantics
  • Starting to collate notes for various documentation
  • Other minor fixes

🗓 20/09/19

  • initial migration to GitHub Sempiler repo started