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Lucas Asano edited this page Sep 29, 2022 · 18 revisions

Please note that this is my first mod I made, and it's not completely curated. So, expect lots of bugs, lots of balance issues, and lots of hideous English grammar. Feedback is very, very important for the betterment of the mod. Thank you for reading this. Now let's go for the booty!

Well hello, traveler! This is the main repository for the Pathfinder - Races for Rimworld mod. This mod adds some of the races from the two editions of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, their unique factions and cultures.

At the time of writing, Pathfinder - Races for Rimworld has the following features:

  • Eighteen races/ancestries from the Pathfinder editions with unique attributes, ranging from the amurruns to ysoki.
  • Unique name creation system for the seventeen races.
  • Racial variations of the player colony and tribal factions to play Crashlanded and Lost Tribe with race-specific pawns.
  • Thirteen unique non-playable factions for the amurruns, drow, dwarves, elves, gnomes, goblins, gripplis, halflings, hobgoblins, kitsune, kobolds and orcs.
  • Eight new cultures of the Belkzen, Chaldirans, Daikitsuns, Draconics, Goblins, Kyoni, Oprakans, Sekiminites, Toraghans and First Worlders, all with their own name system for their deities, ideo names and other features.
  • REQUIRES IDEOLOGY a new structure based on the deities from the Inner Sea and a new style based on dwarven weapons.
  • REQUIRES IDEOLOGY, VIEMS and Alpha Memes full support for the memes and structures from the Vanilla Ideology Expanded – Memes and Structures, and Alpha Memes.
  • Three new race-specific scenarios: a dwarven group trying to settle down after being exiled for dishonoring their clan, an elven couple returning to their former home after a disaster forcing them to leave, and a lone halfling trying to make a life for him/herself.

NOTE: the contents presented from the mod are not mine and I do not claim ownership from it—this is a fan mod for my favorite war crime simulator. All features were based on Paizo's tabletop RPG, and any content from the mod are thus claimed by this company.