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The Joomla! Mumble Channel Viewer is a module for Joomla! that allows you to easily display your Mumble server status on your Joomla! powered website.



There are several options for available for configuring the look and behavior of the Joomla! Mumble Channel Viewer.

Once you change a configuration option you will need to clear your com_modules cache to see the new setting immediately.

Data URL

This is the URL to the endpoint that implements the Channel Viewer Protocol (CVP). You should get this URL from your Mumble service provider. If you host your own Mumble server, you must use a third-party application to provide this endpoint. Keep in mind that JSON is used, not JSONP (there should be no callback argument in your URL).

Data Format

Per the CVP specification the options for this are JSON or XML. Please note that XML is not currently supported by the Joomla! Mumble Channel Viewer.

Icon Style

Sets which icon set your viewer will use.

Font Color

Allows you to change the font color used to render channel and user names.

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