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Arcade Game Focus

In addition to the Hero Engine and adventure game, we are also making a fast paced arcade game called "CLH Bash". The core devs are focusing our time on this game right now so if you're interested in contributing head over to:

Command Line Heros: Bash!

Command Line Heroes: The Game

Command Line Heroes: The Game is an open source adventure game that was announced in Season 2 Episode 1 of the Command Line Heroes Podcast. We'll create the game using our own Hero Engine, which we're building right now.

Game Concept

Command Line Heroes: The Game will be a 2D point and click adventure game that uses an integrated command line as a core element of the gameplay.

Story synopsis

The story begins in 2040 with a manned mission to Mars to establish the first permanent human outpost. Over many precursor missions, NASA sent robots and materials to build a habitat on the surface of Mars. Now, the time has come to send the first human crew to live on the red planet. You are an intern in NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs specializing in AI and machine learning. You are experimenting with new technology that will transfer of human consciousness into a robot to control it over long distances. However, something goes terribly wrong and your consciousness is trapped on the ship after take-off. You must help the crew survive and thrive in humankind's first extraterrestrial settlement. Interface with the ship's computers from within by learning one of the most powerful tools available: The Command Line.

Help needed with

  • Pixel Art
  • Story telling
  • Object descriptions
  • Puzzle design
  • Music and Sound/FX
  • Minigames
  • Engine development
  • Documentation
  • Community help


Command Line Heroes: The Game an adventure game built using our own Hero Engine







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