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Hero Engine

Arcade Game Focus

In addition to the Hero Engine and adventure game, we are also making a fast paced arcade game called "CLH Bash". The core devs are focusing our time on this game right now so if you're interested in contributing head over to:

Command Line Heros: Bash!

Hero Engine

The Hero Engine aims to be an open-source HTML5 adventure game creation engine based on Tiled and Phaser3.

We're calling it a meta-engine because it is not a full game engine on it's own, but a layer on top of Phaser3 that makes it easy to create Adventure Games. The engine will provide game developers with an integration between Tiled and Phaser3 that will allow for easy adventure-game-like level creation. As well as common functions and UI elements that are common among all adventure games. If you're not sure what an adventure game is, Monkey Island, is a great example of the adventure game genre.

This engine will be used to create "Command Line Heroes: The Game" announced on Episode 1 of Season 2 of the Command Line Heroes Podcast. See more about the game below.

We are creating a new engine because we couldn't find any existing open source HTML5 adventure game creators out there. But if you know of any open source adventure game engines for the web let us know!


npm install


npm run examples


docker-compose up

Examples of the game will be at http://localhost:3000 and the Browsersync UI will be at http://localhost:3001.


Everyone is invited to contribute to this project. All types of contributions are welcome. We share the same inclusivity values of the P5.js community.

Before we can start work on the actual Command Line Heroes adventure game we need to complete at least the first two milestones listed below. The best way you can help right now is by working on one of the issues in the Reference Room milestone.

We are also learning Phaser3 and Tiled as we go so the The Reference Room is a proof of concept for the base level features we need for a bare bones adventure game organized into a series of examples.


  1. Reference Room - Base level room
  2. UI Functions - common functions across adventure games
  3. Advanced functions - Dialogs, command line interpreter, transitions

Guides & Docs

This project is built on top of two main tools: Tiled and Phaser3. Here are some useful guides and docs for each.



How to get Help

  1. Post a question in the repo issues
  2. Ask a question in real-time in our public Discord server
  3. Send a tweet to one of the twitter links below social


Join our public Discord server!


Command Line Heroes: The Game

The Hero Engine is being built alongside Command Line Heroes: The Game, an adventure game based on themes from the Command Line Heroes podcast.


Open-source HTML5 adventure game engine







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