This Repo includes a sample doc to follow along in How to Build an Autocomplete Feature with Elasticsearch
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This Repo includes the sample doc to follow along with the tutorial: How to Build an Autocomplete Feature with Elasticsearch.


This is a data indexing program for demonstrating the autoSuggest API in elasticsearch. Find it here.

General Points

  1. The sample data with 1000 documents can be found in the file mock_data.js.
  2. The code for indexing the documents is in the file runningHere.js.
  3. The configuration details are in the configs.js file. Here, we have details such as the elasticsearch host and port number configuration. In this file, by default, it is localhost:9233. Please make sure to change it.


  1. First run the npm install to install the package.json contents.
  2. Now run node runningHere.js to run the program to index the sample data.