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CommerceQL is a minimalist eCommerce GraphQL boilerplate
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CommerceQL is a minimalist eCommerce GraphQL boilerplate.




You will need to be running the latest version of graphql-cli, prisma and have a Prisma account too.

npm install -g graphql-cli prisma
graphql create my-commerce-app --boilerplate commerceql/commerceql
cd my-commerce-app
npm run dev


The setup above should take care of configuring your ENV with your Prisma endpoint. You'll want to configure Stripe so you can begin to take payments using the checkout mutation.

Go ahead and add your STRIPE_SECRET_KEY inside .env.

⚠️ Note: This boilerplate doesn't handle auth. You'll want to protect the order/s queries.


CommerceQL can be used to build a custom GraphQL backed eCommerce app, without the limitations of hosted solutions.

You can extend the CommerceQL platform by adding additional functions, types and permissions, or you can use it "as is" and start selling 💰.


You can immediately deploy "as is" to Zeit Now using the preconfigured now.json. You'll want to add your alias to this file for easier deployment.

If you make any changes to the schema or resolvers, you'll want to run prisma deploy to update your prisma sandbox.


Once you're up and running, locally with npml run dev or deployed to now you can start to run the provided queries, mutations and subscriptions.


❤️ This project is sponsored by Moltin.

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