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This release addresses issues with master nodes and adequate funding for airdrop.

This release requires the following files to be deleted before running:
blocks budget.dat chainstate database mncache.dat mnpayments.dat peers.dat sporks

This will clear the chain and also invalid masternode data.

For all wallet updates, we recommend to backup your wallet.

If this is your first time installing Commercium, you can skip the following directions.


del %APPDATA%\Commercium\peers.dat
del %APPDATA%\Commercium\budget.dat
del %APPDATA%\Commercium\mn*.dat
del %APPDATA%\Commercium\sporks /Q
del %APPDATA%\Commercium\chainstate /Q
del %APPDATA%\Commercium\blocks /Q
del %APPDATA%\Commercium\blocks\index /Q
del %APPDATA%\Commercium\database /Q


rm -rf ~/.commercium/blocks
rm -rf ~/.commercium/database
rm -rf ~/.commercium/chainstate
rm -rf ~/.commercium/sporks
rm ~/.commercium/mn*.dat
rm ~/.commercium/budget.dat
rm ~/.commercium/peers.dat


rm -rf Library/Application\ Support/Commercium/blocks
rm -rf Library/Application\ Support/Commercium/database
rm -rf Library/Application\ Support/Commercium/chainstate
rm -rf Library/Application\ Support/Commercium/sporks
rm Library/Application\ Support/Commercium/mn*.dat
rm Library/Application\ Support/Commercium/budget.dat
rm Library/Application\ Support/Commercium/peers.dat

Run new wallet release.

052d6553914ce51b44c749a68664fe0816e445715d0d3208eee5f19936b2a697 commercium_continuum-v1.0.5-linux.tar.gz

bd6aa410e9f38eefa013342ea19e7f4f1cdb9cd610542ad8da19482bba5eefd2 commercium_continuum-v1.0.5-win64.zip

d19cdffb4e3d56b6907a2af33bf8c0278cfe1b6f46331674f4d3ef21d164b9cd Desktop/commercium_continuum-v1.0.5-darwin.dmg

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Commercium Continuum Full Node Wallet with QT GUI

45b7a92e16e8cd50981554332c9ce2ca5e8c9d00da19ac5f666e307db55c5862 commercium_continuum-v1.0.4-linux.tar.gz

266a252c74dbbe160ec3fe499750d9cd3e1d45435ba7d1f80677e3b715c0378e commercium_continuum-v1.0.4-win64.zip

e3d60d4ddb3931f3efbc7af703ad3cc749370e198e581ce1070936590c4bf0e6 commercium_continuum-v1.0.4-darwin.dmg

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Jan 6, 2019
Windows vbscript fetchparams
Jan 2, 2019
update params url

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Jan 2, 2019

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These are releases that are used to run a node for Modern Wallet.

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