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@anthony19114 anthony19114 released this May 27, 2019

If this is your first time running a Commercium or Zcash based wallet, you will be presented with a window which says:
Millennium could not find a daemon running, starting embedded daemon.
Please wait at this screen until the ZcashParams finish downloading.
They download into the following directories
-Windows: %APPDATA\ZcashParams
-MacOS: ~/.zcash-params
-Linux: ~/.zcash-params

Please make backup of your wallet before using Millennium.

 copy "%APPDATA%/Commercium/wallet.dat" "%APPDATA%/Commercium/wallet.dat.backup"


cp "$HOME/Library/Application Support/Commercium/wallet.dat" "$HOME/Library/ApplicationSupport/Commercium/wallet.dat.backup"


 cp -p "$HOME/.commercium/wallet.dat" "$HOME/.commercium/wallet.dat.backup"

:shipit: sha256sum

512d53ab9b22f2fe52057930e233e99ada9f9febdae0c163f0c36ef06b9c4b1d Millennium Setup 0.6.4.exe - Windows
0313f6e29fe76313ea9f9bdb3c5ee77f72397a0d495c3a66411c136625a0504b Millennium-0.6.4.dmg macOS
e66794adf9a4d0240fef31b65df214fe818cc4ff94768574a5142b498132f5f7 millennium_0.6.4_amd64.deb Linux

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