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import time
print "Enter .SHSS absolute file path: (Drag and drop it here)"
shssFilePath = raw_input()
#shssFilePath = "/Users/User/Desktop/styles.shss"
print "Enter .css absolute file path: (Drag and drop it here)"
cssFilePath = raw_input()
#cssFilePath = "/Users/User/Desktop/styles.css"
print "SHSS and CSS files loaded."
print "=========================="
print "Scanning..."
def repeater():
def parseSHSS(shssCode):
conversionArray = [
['ac', 'accelerator'],
['bg', 'background'],
['bga', 'background-attachment'],
['ba', 'background-attachment'],
['bgc', 'background-color'],
['bc', 'background-color'],
['bgi', 'background-image'],
['bi', 'background-image'],
['bp', 'background-position'],
['bgp', 'background-position'],
['bpx', 'background-position-x'],
['bx', 'background-position-x'],
['bpy', 'background-position-y'],
['by', 'background-position-y'],
['br', 'background-repeat'],
['bgr', 'background-repeat'],
['bh', 'behavior'],
['bo', 'border'],
['bb', 'border-bottom'],
['bbc', 'border-bottom-color'],
['bbs', 'border-bottom-style'],
['bbw', 'border-bottom-width'],
['boc', 'border-collapse'],
['bc', 'border-color'],
['bl', 'border-left'],
['bol', 'border-left'],
['blc', 'border-left-color'],
['bls', 'border-left-style'],
['blw', 'border-left-width'],
['bor', 'border-right'],
['brc', 'border-right-color'],
['brs', 'border-right-style'],
['brw', 'border-right-width'],
['bs', 'border-style'],
['bt', 'border-top'],
['btc', 'border-top-color'],
['bts', 'border-top-style'],
['btw', 'border-top-width'],
['bw', 'border-width'],
['b', 'bottom'],
['cs', 'caption-slide'],
['cl', 'clear'],
['cl', 'clip'],
['c', 'color'],
['con', 'content'],
['ci', 'counter-increment'],
['cr', 'counter-reset'],
['cu', 'cue'],
['cua', 'cue-after'],
['cub', 'cue-before'],
['cur', 'cursor'],
['dir', 'direction'],
['d', 'display'],
['dis', 'display'],
['ele', 'elevation'],
['el', 'elevation'],
['ec', 'empty-cells'],
['em', 'empty-cells'],
['fil', 'filter'],
['fl', 'float'],
['f', 'float'],
['fo', 'font'],
['ff', 'font-family'],
['fs', 'font-size'],
['fsa', 'font-size-adjust'],
['fsr', 'font-stretch'],
['fst', 'font-style'],
['fv', 'font-variant'],
['fw', 'font-weight'],
['h', 'height'],
['im', 'ime-mode'],
['is', 'include-source'],
['lbc', 'layer-background-color'],
['lbi', 'layer-background-image'],
['lf', 'layer-flow'],
['lg', 'layout-grid'],
['lgc', 'layout-grid-char'],
['lgcs', 'layout-grid-char-spacing'],
['lgl', 'layout-grid-line'],
['lgm', 'layout-grid-mode'],
['lgt', 'layout-grid-type'],
['l', 'left'],
['ls', 'letter-spacing'],
['lb', 'line-break'],
['lh', 'line-height'],
['ls', 'list-style'],
['lsi', 'list-style-image'],
['lsp', 'list-style-position'],
['lst', 'list-style-type'],
['m', 'margin'],
['mb', 'margin-bottom'],
['ml', 'margin-left'],
['mr', 'margin-right'],
['mt', 'margin-top'],
['mo', 'marker-offset'],
['ma', 'marks'],
['mh', 'max-height'],
['mw', 'max-width'],
['mih', 'min-height'],
['miw', 'min-width'],
['or', 'orphans'],
['ou', 'outline'],
['ouc', 'outline-color'],
['ous', 'outline-style'],
['ouw', 'outline-width'],
['oc', 'outline-color'],
['os', 'outline-style'],
['ow', 'outline-width'],
['op', 'opacity'],
['o', 'overflow'],
['ov', 'overflow'],
['ox', 'overflow-x'],
['oy', 'overflow-y'],
['p', 'padding'],
['pb', 'padding-bottom'],
['pl', 'padding-left'],
['pr', 'padding-right'],
['pt', 'padding-top'],
['pa', 'page'],
['pba', 'page-break-after'],
['pbb', 'page-break-before'],
['pbi', 'page-break-inside'],
['pau', 'pause'],
['pa', 'pause-after'],
['pb', 'pause-before'],
['pi', 'pitch'],
['pr', 'pitch-range'],
['pd', 'play-duration'],
['pos', 'position'],
['po', 'position'],
['q', 'quotes'],
['ri', 'richness'],
['r', 'right'],
['ra', 'ruby-align'],
['ro', 'ruby-overhang'],
['rp', 'ruby-position'],
['s', 'size'],
['sp', 'speak'],
['sh', 'speak-header'],
['sn', 'speak-numeral'],
['sp', 'speak-punctuation'],
['sr', 'speach-rate'],
['st', 'stress'],
['sac', 'scrollbar-arrow-color'],
['sbc', 'scroll-base-color'],
['sdsc', 'scrollbar-dark-shadow-color'],
['sfc', 'scrollbar-face-color'],
['shc', 'scrollbar-highlight-color'],
['ssc', 'scrollbar-shadow-color'],
['s3l', 'scrollbar-3d-light'],
['stc', 'scrollar-track-color'],
['tl', 'table-layout'],
['ta', 'text-align'],
['tal', 'text-align-last'],
['td', 'text-decoration'],
['ti', 'text-indent'],
['tj', 'text-justify'],
['to', 'text-overflow'],
['ts', 'text-shadow'],
['tt', 'text-transform'],
['ta', 'text-autospace'],
['tks', 'text-kashida-space'],
['tup', 'text-underline-position'],
['t', 'top'],
['ub', 'unicode-bidi'],
['va', 'vertical-align'],
['v', 'visibility'],
['vf', 'voice-family'],
['vo', 'volume'],
['ws', 'white-space'],
['wid', 'widows'],
['w', 'width'],
['wb', 'word-break'],
['ws', 'word-spacing'],
['ww', 'word-wrap'],
['wm', 'writhing-mode'],
['z', 'z-index'],
['zi', 'z-index'],
['zo', 'zoom']
for shortSHSS, longCSS in conversionArray:
#Different conversions for different situations:
shssCode = shssCode.replace('\t' + shortSHSS + ':', '\t' + longCSS + ':')
shssCode = shssCode.replace('\n' + shortSHSS + ':', '\n' + longCSS + ':')
shssCode = shssCode.replace(' ' + shortSHSS + ':', ' ' + longCSS + ':')
shssCode = shssCode.replace(';' + shortSHSS + ':', ';' + longCSS + ':')
shssCode = shssCode.replace('; ' + shortSHSS + ':', '; ' + longCSS + ':')
return shssCode
def scanFiles():
shssFileContents = open(shssFilePath, 'r').read()
cssFileContents = open(cssFilePath, 'r').read()
shssFileContents = parseSHSS(shssFileContents)
if shssFileContents == cssFileContents:
print "Files identical"
cssFile = open(cssFilePath, 'w').write(shssFileContents)
print "CSS file updated"
#Start the scan
while True:
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