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EBay filtering

This project was created as part of a series of blog posts on

Project details

  • Dependency Management / Task Runner: Gradle
  • Language: Groovy
  • Specification Framework: Spock
  • Browser Automation: Geb

Test Specs

BDD Style test can be found in src/test/groovy/ebay/filter/*Spec.groovy

Running Tests

All tests in this project are Web Driver tests, two browsers can be used when running tests; Chrome and Firefox. There are two GRadle tasks to run these tests:

./gradlew chromeTest ./gradlew firefoxTest

To run a specific test the full class path can be passed to the same gradle task, e.g.

./gradlew chromeTest --tests "ebay.filter.PaginationSpec.For a search term which results in multiple pages I can load later paged results"

Test Results

Tests will produce junit style xml test reports for consumption by a CI platform. These can be found in build/test-results/**/*.xml

Test results are also reported as html web pages. The index of which can be found in build/reports/<test task>/index.html


Listings with price ranges:

This project makes no attempt to include Ebay listings which have an advertised price range, e.g. £1.00 - £2.50 To remove these listings I have added a specific method in the SearchResultsPage page object:

List<Navigator> singlePriceListings() {
    searchResultListings.findAll { listing ->

Tests which require access to a list of listings from a search result use this method rather than the searchResultListings found in the PageObject static content block.


The method in which Gradle manages the web driver dependnecies is not my code I have used a solution I am familiar with but did not write. The core of which is held in gradle/osSpecificDownloads.gradle

The full solution which I have borrowed from is found here: and is available under the Apache License v2.0

Tested Versions

I have only tested this suite runs on the following environment:

  • OS: Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4
  • Google Chrome: Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)
  • Firefox: esr 45.01

Due to the nature of fast browser updates it may be necessary to check for a new version of the browser specific web drivers or the selenium core dependencies. The versions used in the project can be found in the top level build.gradle i.e.

ext {
    drivers = ["firefox", "chrome"]
    ext {
        groovyVersion = '2.4.8'
        gebVersion = '1.1.1'
        seleniumVersion = '2.53.0'
        chromeDriverVersion = '2.24'