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Mozilla and GSOC 2020
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Mozilla and GSoC 2020

Once again, Mozilla intends to apply to participate in Google's Summer Of Code.

This is the first year that we've organized Mozilla's application to GSoC on Github. Mozilla community members, please put your ideas in the /proposals/ directory, in some suitably-titled file, so that we can evaluate them and polish them up.

For Mozillians, and friends of Mozilla:

As usual, this will be an opportunity to coach a smart student through three months of work on an interesting but non-critical-path project, and is open to any part of Mozilla provided:

  • the project is primarily a coding project,
  • the proposal is well-scoped with clearly defined progress milestones and outcomes, taking roughly 3 months of effort for a capable student, and
  • there is a mentor specifically assigned to the project who is available for the duration of GSoC.

You may already have a student in mind for a specific project already; if so, please start that discussion now. The student application period typically starts in March, but the sooner we have well-specified project ideas lined up with potential mentors, the better.

Otherwise, please put your proposals here and feel free to bring us any questions you have about GSoC and Mozilla's participation in it.

With all that in mind, we're now accepting project proposals, via pull request, to the /proposals/ directory of this repo.

Are you a student looking to apply to GSoC with Mozilla?

Your first stop should be to look over the /proposals/ folder. Not all of those ideas will make the cut; it could be that they are not properly defined, the wrong size, or don't have a mentor, and that makes them less likely to get accepted. You can, of course, also submit your own ideas - an idea doesn't need to originate within Mozilla or be 'made official' in order to be viable, but a proposal must have a mentor, a defined outcome of reasonable scope, and a calendar with meaningful milestones to have a shot at acceptance.

How To Write A Good Project Proposal

  • Be specific: It's hard to understand the impact of, or the size of, vague proposals.
  • Consider size: The student has approximately eight weeks to design, code, test and document the proposal. It needs to fill, but not overfill, that time.
  • Do your research: Support the idea with well-researched links to issues, bugs, patches, papers or pull requests.
  • Only put a name in the mentor slot if you know they are willing to take on the responsibility. If you think the SoC admins won't know who you are, leave contact details.
  • Stay on top of your notifications: we may have questions about your idea that you will need to answer.

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