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Gitter BSD license

Grow-IoT allows you to:

If you think the Internet of Things should be based on open standards and interoperable by design (kind of like the web)... well, you've come to the right place.

Installing Grow-IoT

You need to install Meteor first (if you haven't already).

Then clone the repo, enter the new directory, and run the script (which installs needed npm and bower packages).

git clone
cd Grow-IoT

And that's it! Visit http://localhost:3000 with your browser of choice; you should now have the application running.

Connecting devices (or virtual things)

Create a new device (click the '+' button) and take note of the device uuid and token. Then run (in a seperate terminal):

node tests/test-device.js

You can find the web component for this device in imports/examples/test-device.html.

See Grow.js for more info on connecting devices. You can also interact with the Grow-IoT api using the Distributed Data Protocol. There are DDP Clients available in many different programming languages, see for a list.

Adding components

Grow-IoT is webcomponent based and modular. It's easy to create a new component, or add an existing one.

components get installed in imports/ui/bower_components

  1. Install the component as ./ install --save example-component.

  2. Input component name example-component to import example-component/example-component.html. If you want to import something else (for eg behavior/script/css) skip this step by pressing enter and then manually add it to the imports/ui/imports.html file.

Now it's ready to use in Grow-IoT!

Checkout or Polymer's elements catalogue for components to import and use in your things.

For more information on creating custom elements see the polymer project.


We hope to be working on these things sooner rather than later:

  • More examples
  • Create interelationships and workflows between things (node-red style)


Grow-IoT is released under the 2-Clause BSD License, sometimes referred to as the "Simplified BSD License" or the "FreeBSD License".