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Deploys an instance of Commonfare Social Wallet API service via docker-compose
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Social Wallet API deployment

This docker-compose project allows you to run an instance of the Social Wallet API service and its storage.

For more information about the Social Wallet API, please refer to the official repo.


Please follow the next steps before running the service.

Docker compose

Copy docker-compose.example.yml to docker-compose.yml and change your settings if needed (e.g. port number).



Before running this service you must create your own configuration file located at conf/social-wallet-api.yaml. An example configuration file is provided at conf/social-wallet-api.example.yaml.

In conf/social-wallet-api.yaml replace YOUR_SWAPI_ID and YOUR_CURRENCY_NAME with your values.

API key

Create the file for storing the API key by copying the file conf/apikey.example.yaml in conf/apikey.yaml. On the first execution, SWAPI will generate the API key and will store it in this file (see here for details).

Additional settings

The host and port on which the Social Wallet API will be running can be specified by using the respectively SWAPI_HOST and SWAPI_PORT environment variables in docker-compose.yml.


Before running for the first time, be sure you gone throuh all the previous steps.

To run this service just use:

docker-compose up -d

At this point you shall be able to access the Swagger UI at http://localhost:3000 (or your SWAPI_PORT). Click on the 'Authorize' button and paste the API key you get from conf/apikey.yaml.


To update the images

docker-compose pull


This software is a Free and Open Source research and development activity funded by the European Commission in the context of the Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPSSI) program. Ths software uses the Social Wallet API and it has been adopted as a component of the Commonfare platform being developed for the Commonfare - PIE News project (grant nr. 687922).


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at

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