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A netmap in a pizzabox!

So, Pizzahueh? What is it again?

Pizzanetmap is an open-source toy for network operators to monitor their network with the help of Arduino, some shiftregister magic and LEDs

Pizza net map is a computer network monitoring device, inside a pizza box. It is modular, both hardware-wise and software-wise. Meaning it doesn`t tie to just one particular network setup. ###Pizzanetmap can build em all.


We wanted to make a miniature model of The Gathering network. Participants access the network through switches and access points. We would then monitor these and represent their status using LED lights on the model.

Our challenge was to make a modular system that is not limited to one application, but is flexible and can be applied to other systems, not necessarily computer networks.

We achieved this by using an Arduino and shift-registers to control an unlimited amount of LEDs and layouts.

Our software running on a computer, communicates with an Arduino through a USB connection. It checks with the existing Network Management System to see which network access switches are online or not. Based on this data the pizzanetmap turns a corresponding LED on or off.

#Installation Instructions


Here is a video showing the instructions on how to set it up (in norwegian):

on Vimeo:

For those with super interwebzspeed, here is a highresolution "raw" video:

This will run you through the physical setup, connections. Please note:

  • DO NOT connect the arduino BEFORE the PSU has been connected to the circuit.
  • Only one switch on the cores should be up, to let the cores be configured correctly

So this means if you have 2 distros connected, only the switch labeled 2 should be up, and vice versa.

The Code

Clone this repository, the working code is in the master branch.

#Firmware --> Arduino The Arduino given to the TG has already been preloaded with this firmware. But if you are to set this up from scratch, upload the pizzanetmap_firmware to the arduino.

#Pizzadaemon The is responsible for fetching the state of the network and communicating with the pizzanetmap (Arduino)
it needs an file in its folder. See for reference

Circuit schematics and more docs will arrive fresh from the pizza owen (soon).