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Lottie-Windows is a library for rendering Adobe After Effects animations natively in your application. This project adds Windows to the Lottie family of tools also targeting Android, iOS, and Web.

Lottie simplifies the design-to-code workflow for bringing engaging, interactive vector animations to your Windows applications, with significant improvements in terms of performance, quality, and engineering efficiency over traditional approaches such as gifs, manually coded animations, etc. Lottie-Windows uses the Windows.UI.Composition APIs to provide smooth 60fps animations and resolution-independent vector graphics.

Lottie-Windows Gif

Lottie-Windows consists of 3 related products:

  • Lottie-Windows library for parsing and translating Bodymovin JSON files
  • LottieGen command-line tool for generating C# or C++ code to be used instead of JSON
  • Lottie Viewer application for previewing JSON and also generating code

This repo also contains source code for samples.

Supported SDKs

  • May 2019 Update (18362) and later

Getting Started

Build Status

Target Branch Status Recommended NuGet package
6.1.0 release master Build Status NuGet

Feedback and Requests

Please use GitHub Issues for bug reports and feature requests.


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