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@rwi rwi released this Dec 30, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

Version 3.5 of Communote server. Please check our documentation for installation and update instructions.
In case you are already using Communote and have additional Communote plugins installed you should ask the creators of the plugins whether they are still compatible with the new version. Alternatively, you can test them yourself against the new Communote version on a test environment before updating your production environment.

Release notes

  • Internet Explorer versions less than 11 are not supported anymore.
  • Support for Tomcat 8.5 (#34). Tomcat 8.5.37 is bundled in the installation packages. Since Tomcat 8.0 reached its EOL, we recommend an upgrade.
  • Compatibility with PostgreSQL versions 9.5 and 9.6 (see requirements)
  • Upload of attachments has been improved (#53). It is now possible to select several files at once, use drag and drop to attach files and paste image data from the clipboard directly into the editor.
  • When editing a note with mentions you can now decide whether notifications should be sent again (#25). See user documentation for details.
  • Microsoft Stream videos will be embedded if a link to such a video is contained in a note (#65).
  • Fullscreen mode of embedded videos can now be enabled (#60).
  • Embedded videos won't be clipped on the right side on smaller devices (#63).
  • When embedding YouTube videos the privacy-enhanced mode is used (#63).
  • The tabulator key can now be used to indent a list in the rich-text editor. The key combination shift + tab outdents (#57).
  • When using Communote's internal user management (i.e. users are not provided by LDAP directory or similar), the passwords of the users are now hashed with bcrypt by default (#35). For security reasons we recommend a Communote update if the internal user management is enabled in your installation.
  • The bundled library Apache Commons FileUpload has been upgraded to version 1.3.3 because of potential security vulnerabilities.
  • The following bugs have been fixed: #24, #58, #59 and #52
  • For developers:
    • To ease development, Communote can now be run without an SMTP server (#41). See documentation for details.
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