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(in-package :sicp-constraints)
;; (compile-diagram #p"/home/inaimathi/.2dmacs/diagrams/92f85d041b7429ea99af929674afdb8ac8b7a1152f26ee421aaee113b2434033")
(defmethod compile-diagram (target (file pathname))
(with-open-file (s file)
(compile-diagram target (read s))))
(defmethod compile-diagram (target (base list))
(generate-code target (synthesize base)))
;;;;;;;;;; Synthesizing new facts
(defmethod synthesize ((base list))
(label-constraints base)))))))))
(defmethod label-constraints ((base list))
"Any rectangle is a constraint."
(for-all (?id :rectangle nil) :in base :do (push (list ?id :sicp-constraint nil) base))
(defmethod label-constants ((base list))
"A rounded rectangle with a perfectly overlapping text box is a constant."
(for-all (and (?id :rounded-rectangle nil)
(?id :start ?start) (?id :end ?end)
(?text :text nil)
(?text :start ?start) (?text :end ?end)
(?text :contents ?value))
:in base :do (progn (push (list ?text :value (parse-integer ?value :junk-allowed t)) base)
(push (list ?text :sicp-constant nil) base)))
(defun between? (a n b)
(>= (max a b) n (min a b)))
(defun point-inside? (x y ax ay bx by)
(and (between? ax x bx)
(between? ay y by)))
(defmethod label-labels ((base list))
"Any text box inside a constraint is a label pertaining to it."
(for-all (and (?id :sicp-constraint nil)
(?id :start (?cx ?cy)) (?id :end (?cx2 ?cy2))
(?text :text nil)
(?text :start (?x ?y)) (?text :end (?x2 ?y2))
(lisp (and (point-inside? ?x ?y ?cx ?cy ?cx2 ?cy2)
(point-inside? ?x2 ?y2 ?cx ?cy ?cx2 ?cy2))))
:in base :do (push (list ?id :constraint-of ?text) base))
(defun on-edge? (x y ax ay bx by)
(or (= x ax) (= x bx)
(= y ay) (= y by)))
(defmethod label-arguments-and-name ((base list))
"Text boxes contained by constraints, and on their edges are arguments.
Text boxes contained by constraints but not on their edges are constraint names."
(for-all (and (?id :constraint-of ?text)
(?id :start (?cx ?cy)) (?id :end (?cx2 ?cy2))
(?text :start (?tx ?ty)) (?text :end (?tx2 ?ty2))
(lisp (or (on-edge? ?tx ?ty ?cx ?cy ?cx2 ?cy2)
(on-edge? ?tx2 ?ty2 ?cx ?cy ?cx2 ?cy2))))
:in base :do (push (list ?text :sicp-argument nil) base))
(for-all (and (?id :constraint-of ?text)
(not (?text :sicp-argument nil)))
:in base :do (push (list ?text :sicp-constraint-name nil) base))
(defmethod label-top-inputs ((base list))
"Any text boxes that haven't yet been annotated as constraint-names, arguments or constants are top level inputs for the system."
(for-all (and (?id :text nil)
(not (?id :sicp-constraint-name nil)
(?id :sicp-argument nil)
(?id :sicp-constant nil)))
:in base :do (push (list ?id :sicp-top-connection nil) base))
(defmethod label-connection-endpoints ((base list))
"Some line-segments connect to arguments, constants or top-connections, and this needs to be stated explicitly."
(for-all (and (?id :line-segment nil)
(?id :start (?x ?y)) (?id :end (?x2 ?y2))
(or (?id2 :sicp-argument nil)
(?id2 :sicp-constant nil)
(?id2 :sicp-top-connection nil))
(?id2 :start (?ax ?ay)) (?id2 :end (?ax2 ?ay2))
(lisp (or (and (point-inside? ?x ?y ?ax ?ay ?ax2 ?ay2)
(on-edge? ?x ?y ?ax ?ay ?ax2 ?ay2))
(and (point-inside? ?x2 ?y2 ?ax ?ay ?ax2 ?ay2)
(on-edge? ?x2 ?y2 ?ax ?ay ?ax2 ?ay2)))))
:in base :collect (push (list ?id :connects-to ?id2) base))
(defmethod label-line-connections ((base list))
"Some lines connect to other lines. Connecting lines will be a single connection rather than multiple connections."
(for-all (and (?id :line-segment nil)
(?id :start ?start) (?id :end ?end)
(?id2 :line-segment nil)
(lisp (not (equal ?id ?id2)))
(or (?id2 :start ?end) (?id2 :end ?start)
(?id2 :start ?start) (?id2 :end ?end)))
:in base :do (push (list ?id :line-connects-to-line ?id2) base))
(defun walk-segment-graph (base src &key (explored (list src)))
(for-all `(and (or (,src :line-connects-to-line ?id)
(?id :line-connects-to-line ,src))
(lisp (not (member ?id (list ,@explored)))))
:in base
:do (unless (member ?id explored)
(push ?id explored)
(setf explored (walk-segment-graph base ?id :explored explored))))
(defmethod label-line-cluster ((base list))
(let ((res (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(for-all (and (?id :line-segment nil)
(not (?cluster :contains ?id)))
:in base
:do (let ((cluster (sort (walk-segment-graph base ?id) #'string< :key #'symbol-name)))
(setf (gethash cluster res) t)))
(loop for clst being the hash-keys of res
do (let ((id (intern (symbol-name (gensym)))))
(push (list id :cluster nil) base)
(loop for elem in clst
do (push (list id :contains elem) base))))
;;;;;;;;;; Generating code on that basis
(defun sanitize (str)
(list #\newline #\return #\space)
(defmethod generate-constants ((base list))
(for-all (and (?id :sicp-constant nil)
(?id :value ?const)
(?line :connects-to ?id)
(?cluster :contains ?line))
:in base :collect `(make-constant ,?const ,?cluster)))
(defmethod generate-internal-arguments ((base list) constraint)
(let ((res))
(for-all `(and (,constraint :constraint-of ?txt)
(?txt :sicp-argument nil)
(?txt :contents ?arg-name)
(?line :connects-to ?txt)
(?cluster :contains ?line)
(not (and (?cluster :contains ?line2)
(?line2 :connects-to ?top)
(?top :sicp-top-connection nil))))
:in base
:do (progn (push ?cluster res)
(push (intern (sanitize ?arg-name) :keyword) res)))
(defmethod generate-top-arguments ((base list) constraint)
(let ((res))
(for-all `(and (,constraint :constraint-of ?txt)
(?txt :sicp-argument nil)
(?txt :contents ?arg-name)
(?line :connects-to ?txt)
(?line :connects-to ?top)
(?top :sicp-top-connection nil)
(?top :contents ?top-name))
:in base :do (progn (push (intern (sanitize ?top-name)) res)
(push (intern (sanitize ?arg-name) :keyword) res)))
(defmethod generate-arguments ((base list) constraint)
(append (generate-top-arguments base constraint)
(generate-internal-arguments base constraint)))
(defmethod generate-constraints ((base list))
(for-all (and (?id :sicp-constraint nil)
(?id :constraint-of ?txt)
(?txt :sicp-constraint-name nil)
(?txt :contents ?name))
:in base
:collect (case (intern (sanitize ?name) :keyword)
(:* `(make-multiplier ,@(generate-arguments base ?id)))
(:+ `(make-adder ,@(generate-arguments base ?id))))))
(defmethod generate-constraints ((base list))
(for-all (and (?id :sicp-constraint nil)
(?id :constraint-of ?txt)
(?txt :sicp-constraint-name nil)
(?txt :contents ?name))
:in base
:collect `(,(case (intern (sanitize ?name) :keyword)
(:* make-multiplier)
(:+ make-adder))
,@(generate-arguments base ?id))))
(defmethod generate-internal-connections ((base list))
(for-all (and (?id :cluster nil)
(not (and (?id :contains ?line)
(?line :connects-to ?elem)
(?elem :sicp-top-connection nil))))
:in base :collect `(,?id (make-connector))))
(defmethod generate-component-factory ((component-name symbol) (args list) (base list))
`(defun ,component-name ,args
(let ,(generate-internal-connections base)
,@(generate-constraints base)
,@(generate-constants base)
(defmethod get-component-name ((base list))
(intern (first (for-all (and (?id :diagram-name nil)
(?id :value ?name))
:in base :collect (sanitize ?name)))))
(defmethod get-top-level-names ((base list))
(for-all (and (?id :sicp-top-connection nil)
(?id :contents ?name))
:in base :collect (sanitize ?name)))
(defmethod generate-repl-app ((base list))
(let* ((component-name (get-component-name base))
(top-level-names (get-top-level-names base))
(mapcar (lambda (v) (intern (format nil "*~a*" v)))
`(progn ,@(loop for v in top-level-global-vars
for n in top-level-names
collect `(defvar ,v (make-connector))
collect `(make-probe ,n ,v))
component-name (mapcar #'intern top-level-names) base)
(,component-name ,@top-level-global-vars))))
(defmethod generate-web-handler ((base list))
(let* ((component-name (get-component-name base))
(uri-sym (intern (format nil "CONSTRAINT/~a" component-name)))
(top-level-names (mapcar #'intern (get-top-level-names base))))
`(define-closing-handler (,uri-sym) ,(loop for n in top-level-names collect `(,n :number))
(defmethod generate-code (target (base list))
(error "Unsupported target: ~s" target))
(defmethod generate-code ((target (eql :repl)) (base list))
(generate-repl-app base))
(defmethod generate-code ((target (eql :web)) (base list))
(generate-web-handler base))