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#lang plai/collector
; Improve the trivial collector to perform a mark-and-sweep collection
; Alternative approach to dealing with fragmentation is to compact the memory
; after each sweep
; Compaction is tricky as you must update the references, however we can take
; advantage of the linear layout of memory to know by how much to offset all
; references
; Pass 1: Scan across adding up the free space
; This can give us an offset for each range of remaining live cells
; e.g.
; If x is live data and o is garbage
; xxoooxxxxooxxx
; Pass 2: Scan across updating references in cons cells to the new ones
; Pass 3: Scan across shifting all of the live cells over
; Maybe I can use Table based compaction...
; B. K. Haddon and W. M. Waite (August 1967). "A compaction procedure for variable length storage elements"
; Man table compaction is terrible, I'm going to use the extra storage for the forwarding pointer
; and be done with it
(define heap-ptr 'uninitialized-heap-ptr)
(define (cell:prim:width) 3)
(define (cell:cons:width) 4)
(define (cell:type cell)
(cell:tag:type (cell:tag cell)))
(define (cell:type:width type)
[(eq? type 'prim) (cell:prim:width)]
[(eq? type 'cons) (cell:cons:width)]))
(define (cell:tag:width tag)
(cell:type:width (cell:tag:type tag)))
(define (cell:tag:type tag)
[(eq? tag 'prim) 'prim]
[(eq? tag 'live:prim) 'prim]
[(eq? tag 'free:prim) 'prim]
[(eq? tag 'cons) 'cons]
[(eq? tag 'live:cons) 'cons]
[(eq? tag 'free:cons) 'cons]
[else (error "Unknown cell:type")]))
(define (cell:width cell)
(cell:tag:width (cell:tag cell)))
(define (cell:prim:set! cell p)
(heap-set! cell 'prim)
(heap-set! (+ 1 cell) p)
(define (cell:cons:set! cell f r)
(heap-set! cell 'cons)
(heap-set! (+ 1 cell) f)
(heap-set! (+ 2 cell) r)
(define (cell:set-tag! cell tag)
(heap-set! cell tag)
(define (cell:tag cell)
(heap-ref cell))
(define (cell:prim:set-forward! cell forward)
(heap-set! (+ 2 cell) forward))
(define (cell:cons:set-forward! cell forward)
(heap-set! (+ 3 cell) forward))
(define (cell:set-forward! cell forward)
(let ([type (cell:type cell)])
[(eq? type 'prim) (cell:prim:set-forward! cell forward)]
[(eq? type 'cons) (cell:cons:set-forward! cell forward)])
(define (cell:prim:forward cell)
(heap-ref (+ 2 cell)))
(define (cell:cons:forward cell)
(heap-ref (+ 3 cell)))
(define (cell:forward cell)
(if (eq? cell null)
(let ([type (cell:type cell)])
[(eq? type 'prim) (cell:prim:forward cell)]
[(eq? type 'cons) (cell:cons:forward cell)]))))
(define (cell:set-free! cell)
(let ([type (cell:type cell)])
[(eq? type 'prim) (begin
(cell:prim:set! cell null)
(cell:set-tag! cell 'free:prim)
(cell:set-forward! cell null))]
[(eq? type 'cons) (begin
(cell:cons:set! cell null null)
(cell:set-tag! cell 'free:cons)
(cell:set-forward! cell null))])))
(define (cell:deref cell)
(gc:deref cell))
(define (cell:first cell)
(gc:first cell))
(define (cell:rest cell)
(gc:rest cell))
(define (mem:init start)
(define (zero-mem-iter cell)
(if (= cell (heap-size))
(heap-set! cell null)
(zero-mem-iter (+ 1 cell)))))
(set! heap-ptr start)
(zero-mem-iter start)))
(define (mem:last? cell)
(= cell heap-ptr))
(define (mem:available? size)
(<= (+ heap-ptr size) (heap-size)))
(define (mem:allocate size)
(let ([cell heap-ptr])
(set! heap-ptr (+ heap-ptr size))
(define (mem:free cell)
(cell:set-free! cell))
(define (mark cell)
(define (mark-primitive cell)
(cell:set-tag! cell 'live:prim))
(define (mark-cons cell)
(cell:set-tag! cell 'live:cons)
(mark (cell:first cell))
(mark (cell:rest cell))
(let ([tag (cell:tag cell)])
[(eq? tag 'prim) (mark-primitive cell)]
[(eq? tag 'cons) (mark-cons cell)])))
(define (sweep)
(define (next-cell cell)
(+ cell (cell:width cell)))
(define (update-cell cell shift)
(cell:set-forward! cell (- cell shift))
(sweep-cell (next-cell cell) shift)))
(define (update-shift cell shift)
(mem:free cell)
(sweep-cell (next-cell cell) (+ shift (cell:width cell)))))
(define (sweep-cell cell shift)
(if (mem:last? cell)
[(eq? (cell:tag cell) 'live:prim) (update-cell cell shift)]
[(eq? (cell:tag cell) 'live:cons) (update-cell cell shift)]
[else (update-shift cell shift)]))))
(sweep-cell 0 0))
(define (update)
(define (update-references cell)
(let ([tag (cell:tag cell)]
[first (cell:first cell)]
[rest (cell:rest cell)])
(if (eq? tag 'live:cons)
(let ([new-first (cell:forward first)]
[new-rest (cell:forward rest)])
(cell:cons:set! cell new-first new-rest)
(cell:set-tag! cell 'live:cons)))
(define (update-cell-iter cell)
(if (mem:last? cell)
(update-references cell)
(update-cell-iter (+ cell (cell:width cell))))))
(update-cell-iter 0))
(define (compact)
(define (shift-prim-cell cell forward)
(let ([width (cell:width cell)])
(cell:prim:set! forward (cell:deref cell))
(cell:set-forward! forward null)
(shift-cell-iter (+ cell width) (+ forward width)))))
(define (shift-cons-cell cell forward)
(let ([width (cell:width cell)])
(cell:cons:set! forward (cell:first cell) (cell:rest cell))
(cell:set-forward! forward null)
(shift-cell-iter (+ cell width) (+ forward width)))))
(define (shift-cell-iter cell new-heap-ptr)
(if (mem:last? cell)
(let ([tag (cell:tag cell)])
[(eq? tag 'live:prim) (shift-prim-cell cell (cell:forward cell))]
[(eq? tag 'live:cons) (shift-cons-cell cell (cell:forward cell))]
[else (shift-cell-iter (+ cell (cell:width cell)) new-heap-ptr)])))))
(mem:init (shift-cell-iter 0 0)))
(define (mark-and-compact roots live-refs)
(define (root-addresses roots)
(map read-root roots))
(define (update-root root)
(let ([new-addr (cell:forward (read-root root))])
(set-root! root new-addr)))
(define (update-references refs)
(if (eq? refs null)
(cons (cell:forward (car refs)) (cell:forward (cdr refs)))))
(map mark (root-addresses roots))
(map update-root roots)
(let ([new-refs (update-references live-refs)])
(define (init-allocator)
; calling heap-offset before init-allocator is called gives 'undefined
; need to be able to at least store 1 cell
(mem:init 0))
(define (get-roots tag f r)
(define (get-primitive-roots p)
(if (procedure? p)
(append (procedure-roots p) (get-root-set))
(define (get-cons-roots f r)
(get-root-set f r))
[(eq? tag 'prim) (get-primitive-roots f)]
[(eq? tag 'cons) (get-cons-roots f r)]))
(define (gc:alloc-flat p)
(let ([size (cell:type:width 'prim)])
(if (mem:available? size)
(cell:prim:set! (mem:allocate size) p)
(mark-and-compact (get-roots 'prim p null) null)
(when (not (mem:available? size))
(error "out of memory"))
(cell:prim:set! (mem:allocate size) p)))))
(define (gc:cons f r)
(let ([size (cell:type:width 'cons)])
(if (mem:available? size)
(cell:cons:set! (mem:allocate size) f r)
(let ([new-refs (mark-and-compact (get-roots 'cons f r) (cons f r))])
(when (not (mem:available? size))
(error "out of memory"))
(cell:cons:set! (mem:allocate size) (car new-refs) (cdr new-refs)))))))
(define (gc:deref a)
(heap-ref (+ 1 a)))
; number -> boolean
(define (gc:cons? a)
(eq? (heap-ref a) 'cons))
; number -> any
(define (gc:first a)
(heap-ref (+ 1 a)))
; number -> number
(define (gc:rest a)
(heap-ref (+ 2 a)))
(define (gc:set-first! a f)
(if (gc:cons? a)
(heap-set! (+ 1 a) f)
(error 'set-first! "expects address of cons")))
(define (gc:set-rest! a r)
(heap-set! (+ 2 a) r))
; function number -> boolean
(define (gc:flat? a)
(eq? 'prim (heap-ref a)))