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GUI for Emuiibo
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Amiigo Downloads

A GUI for Emuiibo. The Emuiibo sysmodule is required in order to use Amiigo.


To build use the latest version of LibNX and DevkitPro.


LibNX and DevkitPro for making the toolchain.

XorTroll for Emuiibo and general help.

nlohmann for his JSON library .

Victoria_Borodinova for the sombrero used in the logo.

N3evin for AmiiboAPI which is used in Amiigo Maker.

Nichole Mattera for showing me how to load Nintendo's shared font.

Slluxx for identifying a crash when no Amiibos are accessible Emuiibo and Amiigo tries to draw their path in the header and then theorizing what caused it to happen.

Everyone in the Team AtlasNX dev chat for general help in this and other projects.


Up / Down on D-pad to move up and down the list.

A to select a Amiibo from the list.

X toggles emulation state.

Y moves on to the next Amiibo.

B backs out of the Amiibo series if one is selected in Amiibo Maker.

Left stick pressed down (like a button) delete an Amiibo

Left or Right on the D-pad will change which menu is currently selected (used for swapping between the Amiibo list and Amiigo Maker).

You can also use the touch screen to select an Amiibo by tapping on a item in the list, tapping the emulation status rectangle will toggle the emulation state, and tapping the currently selected Amiibo on the top rectangle will move on to the next Amiibo. Tapping on the right hand list options will change the menu or exit from the app.


For support please use the offical GBATemp thread unless you are reporting a bug in which case open a issue here on GitHub.


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