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Source Code + Documentation of our Automatic Behavior Analysis Software
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Automatic Behavior Analysis

Source Code and Documentation of our Automatic Behavior Analysis Software belonging to the Publication

Optogenetic stimulation of the intact corticospinal tract after stroke restores motor control through regionalized functional circuit formation
A.S. Wahl, U. Büchler, A. Brändli, B. Brattoli, S. Musall, H. Kasper, B.V. Ineichen, F. Helmchen, B. Ommer, M.E. Schwab
Nature Communication Journal

Data downloads

Examples videos (256MB) can be downloaded using the following command (Ubuntu)

wget -O ./Code/video/00013.avi ""
wget -O ./Code/detection/grasps.mp4 ""

For Windows users:

  1. Download the videos using the links

  2. Move the files:
    00013.avi -> {Project_root}/Code/video/
    grasps.mp4 -> {Project_root}/Code/detection/

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