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In-memory monitor for RC2014 micros.
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An in-memory monitor for RC2014-based micros.



Just run make when ready.

Uploading to SBC

  1. minicom -D/dev/ttyUSB0 115200
  2. Select a cold boot.
  3. Enter a memtop of 35071.
  4. Paste in the contents of HEXLOAD.BAS, it will auto-run.
  5. Paste in the contents of build/MON2014.HEX to be loaded and started.


When started, you will be greeted with some text and a square bracket prompt. Type in ?, followed by enter to see the help text.

Screenshot of Help Screen

Reset The R command resets the system by performing a jump to $0000, returning the system to BASIC. If you wish to return to the monitor later, select a warm boot, then key in PRINT USR(0) when you wish to return.

Goto The G command takes in an address to jump to. For example: G F000 will restart the monitor, effectively clearing the screen.

Store The S command takes an address, followed by a value. The given value is then stored at the address.

The monitor then goes into constant-store mode, taking values to store until exited with 'Q'. You may opt to not modify a value by simply entering nothing.

Examine The X command takes an address, then generates a hexdump of the next 256 memory values, starting at the given address.

Screenshot of Hexdump

CompactFlash Access The C command allows the user to read and write sectors to the CompactFlash device.

The first parameter is a 32-bit hex value representing the 28-bit LBA address of the sector. The second is a memory address to read from/write to. The last character in the command denotes a read or write operation.

For example C 00000800 D000 R will request sector $00000800 from the CompactFlash, and read in 512 bytes, starting at $D000.

Screenshot of CompactFlash hexdump Screenshot of CompactFlash hexdump 2

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