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Add a caveat for rails 3.1 mentioning that they should not run 3.1.0.…

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@@ -139,6 +139,11 @@ doing things like requiring. These **must not** be used with Sass files.
Instead use the sass `@import` directive. In rails projects, the
`@import` directive is configured to work with sprockets via `sass-rails`. For more information on importing in rails 3.1 or greater see the [Sass-Rails REAME](
+## Rails 3.1 Caveats
+There was a bug in rails 3.1.0 -- please make sure you are running 3.1.1
+at the earliest for this version of rails.
## Rails 3.0 Caveats
If you want rails to compile your stylesheets (instead of using the

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