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Fix reference to 'app/stylesheets' in upgrade instructions #15

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Instructions explaining how to keep stylesheets in app/stylesheets had one spot incorrectly referencing this desired location as app/assets/stylesheets


Hey @chriseppstein is this what you ment to type? also thanks greg


yep. good catch!

@chriseppstein chriseppstein merged commit 6fb6ba9 into from
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@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ older versions of rails that do not use the assets pipeline.
If you have your stylesheets already in `app/stylesheets`, you have two choices:
1. Move your stylesheets to `app/assets/stylesheets`.
-2. Configure your project to look in `app/assets/stylesheets` by setting
+2. Configure your project to look in `app/stylesheets` by setting
`config.compass.sass_dir = "app/stylesheets"` in your rails
configuration or by setting `sass_dir = "app/stylesheets"` in your
compass configuration file.
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