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Adds information on how to customize the sprite generation directory in Rails 3.1+ (asset pipeline) to the README


+1 on this. It took me an hour of trying to figure this out before I found this pull request, containing the solution to my problem.

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you should actually set the sprite_load_path if you are using this with sprites

Sprite Load Path: Sprite source files can now be stored in more locations than just your images directory. To add sprite locations in your compass configuration: `sprite_load_path << 'my/sprite/folder'


I don't think this is correct. app/assets/images/sprites is already in the asset path by default.

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@@ -144,6 +144,17 @@ Instead use the sass `@import` directive. In rails projects, the
There was a bug in rails 3.1.0 -- please make sure you are running 3.1.1
at the earliest for this version of rails.
+If you want to exclude the generated sprites from Git, you will want to generated them in a directory that can be ignored. Do so by customizing the ``generated_images_dir`` in your application.rb. (Example)
+config.compass.generated_images_dir = 'app/assets/images/sprites'
+Following that, make sure to add the sprites directory to your ``assets.paths`` so the sprites are accessible via HTTP (Example)
+config.assets.paths << Rails.root.join("app", "assets", "images", "sprites")
## Rails 3.0 Caveats
If you want rails to compile your stylesheets (instead of using the
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