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0.8.2 (July 04, 2009)

Fixed a bug that caused touch to fail on windows due to open files. (Contributor: Joe Wasson)


Fixed some build issues and a bug in the rewritten --watch mode that caused changes to partials to go unnoticed.



  • image_url() now integrates with the rails asset handling code when stylesheets are generated within the rails container. This causes your rails configuration for cache busting and asset hosts to be used when generating your stylesheets. Unfortunately, all that code runs within the context of a controller, so the stylesheets have to be generated during first request to use this functionality. If you need to compile stylesheets offline, use the compass configuration file to set the asset_host and asset_cache_buster. Commit.

  • An official Rails template for Compass is now provided. Commit by Derek Perez.


  • The Blueprint port has been upgraded to match Blueprint 0.9. The following changes were made as part of that project:

    • Removed body margins from blueprint scaffolding by default. The old body styles can be reinstated by mixing +blueprint-scaffolding-body into your body selector(s). Commit by Enrico Bianco.
    • A bug in the calculations affecting the +colborder mixin has been fixed. Commit by Enrico Bianco. Related commit.
    • Blueprint now has inline form support. Mix +blueprint-inline-form into a form selector to make it inline. Commit by Enrico Bianco.
    • Please update the conditional comment that surrounds your IE stylesheet to use "lt IE 8" as the condition as these styles are not needed in IE8. New blueprint projects will now use this conditional as their default. Commit by Enrico Bianco.
    • Explicitly define image interpolation mode for IE so that images aren't jagged when resizing. Commit by Enrico Bianco.
  • When starting a new project based on Blueprint, a more complete screen.sass file will be provided that follows compass best practices instead of matching blueprint css exactly. A partials/_base.sass file is provided and already set up for blueprint customization. Commit

  • The sizes and borders for form styling can now be altered via mixin arguments. Commit by Thomas Reynolds.

  • Grid borders can now be altered via mixin arguments. Commit by Thomas Reynolds.

  • The reset file for blueprint has moved from compass/reset.sass to blueprint/reset.sass. Please update your imports accordingly. Also note that some of the reset mixin names have changed (now prefixed with blueprint-*). Commit by Noel Gomez.

Compass Core

  • Sprites. A basic sprite mixin is now available. Import compass/utilities/sprites.sass and use the +sprite-img mixin to set the background image from a sprite image file. Assumes every sprite in the sprite image file has the same dimensions. Commit by Thomas Reynolds.

  • Reset. The compass reset is now based on Eric Meyer's reset. which makes no attempt to apply base styles like the blueprint reset does. Existing compass projects will want to change their reset import to point to blueprint/reset.sass -- which is where the old default reset for compass projects now lives -- see the blueprint notes above for more information. Commit by Noel Gomez.

  • A bug was fixed in the tag_cloud mixin so that it actually works. Commit by Bjørn Arild Mæland.

Sass Extensions

  • The inline_image(image_path) function can now be used to generate a data url that embeds the image data in the generated css file -- avoiding the need for another request. This function works like image_url() in that it expects the image to be a path relative to the images directory. There are clear advantages and disadvantages to this approach. See Wikipedia for more details. NOTE: Neither IE6 nor IE7 support this feature. Commit.


  • Asset Hosts. You can now configure the asset host(s) used for images via the image_url() function. Asset hosts are off unless configured and also off when relative urls are enabled. Commit. In your compass configuration file, you must define an asset_host algorithm to be used like so: # Return the same host for all images: asset_host {|path| "" } # Return a different host based on the image path. asset_host do |path| "" % (path.hash % 4) end

  • Configurable Cache Buster. You can now configure the cache buster that gets placed at the end of images via the image_url function. This might be useful if you need to coordinate the query string or use something other than a timestamp. Commit Example: asset_cache_buster do |path, file| "busted=true" end

  • You can now set/override arbitrary sass options by setting the sass_options configuration property to a hash. Commit.

  • You can now specify additional import paths to look for sass code outside the project. Commit. This can be done in two ways:

    1. By setting additional_import_paths to an array of paths.
    2. By (repeatedly) calling add_import_path(path)
  • The compass configuration can now be placed in PROJECT_DIR/.compass/config.rb if you so choose. Commit.

Command Line

  • Watch Improvements The watch command was rewritten for robustness and reliability. The most important change is that generated css files will be deleted if the originating sass file is removed while watching the project. Commit.

  • The images and javascripts directories may now be set via the command line. Commit.

  • The usage output (-h) of the command-line has been reformatted to make it more readable and understandable. Commit.

  • The configuration file being read can now be specified explicitly using the -c option. This also affects the output location of the --write-configuration command. NOTE: The -c option used to be for writing the configuration file, an infrequently used option. Commit.

  • You can now install into the current working directory by explicitly setting the command line mode to -i and providing no project name. Commit.

Compass Internals

  • Some internal code was reorganized to make managing sass extensions and functions more manageable.

  • Some internal code was reorganized to make managing ruby application integration more manageable.

  • The compass unit tests were reorganized to separate rails testing from other tests.

  • The Rip Packaging System is now supported. Commit by Will Farrington.

  • A licence is now available making the copyrights and terms of use clear for people who care about such things.


Extracted the css validator to an external gem that is only required if you try to use the validation feature. This makes the compass gem a lot smaller (0.37MB instead of 4MB). To install the validator:

sudo gem install chriseppstein-compass-validator --source

0.6.8 thru 0.6.13

The compass gem is now built with Jeweler instead of Echoe. No changes to speak of. These versions were bug fixes and working out the new release process.


Bug fix release.


The output_style will no longer be set in the compass.config file. Instead compass will use the runtime rails environment to set a sensible default.

Command Line

The Sass cache directory will be placed into the sass directory of the project instead of the directory from where the compass command was ran.

Compass Core

Extracted two new mixins from +horizontal-list. The new +horizontal-list-container and +horizontal-list-item mixins can be used to build your horizontal list when you need more control over the selectors (E.g. when working with nested lists).


The Haml project now releases a gem called haml-edge that is built from the haml master branch instead of stable. Compass now depends on this gem and will continue to do so until haml 2.2 is released. This should reduce the number of installation problems that have been encountered by new users.

Command Line

  • Fixed a bug that had broken the --write-configuration (-c) option.
  • The --force option will now force recompilation. Useful when the stylesheets don't appear to need a recompile according to the file timestamps.

Unit tests

  • Some unit tests were cleaned up for clarity and to better take advantage of the compass project management facilities.


Compass Core

Converted all mixins definitions referencing images to use the new sass function image_url(). The following mixins were affected:

  • +pretty-bullets
  • +replace-text

The calls to these mixins should now pass a path to the image that is relative to the images directory of the project.

Command Line

  • Required frameworks specified from the command line will now be added into the initial project configuration file.


Command Line

Added a command line option --install-dir that will emit the directory where compass is installed. Useful for debugging and drilling into the compass examples and libraries.



Bug fix: The http_images_path configuration default should be "/images" instead of "/public/images".

Command Line

These changes, coupled with upcoming changes to Sass result in significantly reduced time spent on compilation for large projects.

  • The compass command line will no longer recompile sass files that haven't changed (taking import dependencies into account).
  • The compass command line will now respect the -q (quiet) option during compilation. Additionally, the quiet option will be set by default when watching a project for changes.



Split the push and pull mixins into sub-mixins that separate the common styles from the ones that vary. The generated css when using presentational class names will be smaller as a result. The existing +push and +pull mixins continue to work as expected. The following mixins were added:


Additonally, the liquid plugin was updated to have a span mixin that matches elsewhere.


Added Yahoo's version of the css reset. To use it, mix into the top level of your project:

@import yui/modules/reset.sass



Maintenance release that fixes several bugs in the handling of configuration files.


New Core Functionality: Patterns

Patterns give a framework or plugin access to the compass installer framework to install customizable sass, html as well as image and javascript assets.

A pattern is a folder in the plugin's templates directory. It must have a manifest file that tells compass what to install and where. Unlike the project template, a pattern can be stamped out any number of times.

It is best for pattern stylesheets to only provide example usage to get the user started. All the core styles for the pattern should be distributed as part of the framework's stylesheets as mixins to facilitate easy upgrades and bug fixing on the part of the pattern's maintainer.

Example Usage: compass --framework blueprint --pattern buttons

Please read the Wiki Page for more information.

New Command-line options:

  1. --validate
    Validate your project's compiled css. Requires java and probably only works on Mac and Unix.
  2. --grid-img [DIMENSIONS]
    Generate a background image to test grid alignment. Dimension is given as +. Defaults to 30+10.
  3. -p, --pattern PATTERN
    When combined with with the --framework option, will stamp a plugin's pattern named PATTERN.
  4. -n, --pattern-name NAME
    When combined with the --pattern option, the pattern that gets stamped out will be isolated in subdirectories named NAME.
  5. -c, --write-configuration
    Emit a compass configuration file into the current directory, taking any existing configuration file and any command line options provided into account. (command line options override configuration file options).

New Sass Functions:

Compass projects can call these sass functions within their sass files, if you find them useful.

  1. enumerate(prefix, start, end)
    Generates selectors with a prefix and a numerical ending counting from start to end. E.g. enumerate("foo", 1, 3) returns "foo-1, foo-2, foo-3"
  2. image_url(path)
    Uses the compass configuration to convert a path relative to the compass project directory to a path that is either absolute for serving in an HTTP context or that is relative to whatever css file the function was being compiled into. In the future, this function may also tap into the rails asset host configuration.

New Compass Core Mixins

  1. +float-left & +float-right
    In order to include fixes for IE's double-margin bug universally, floats were implemented as a utility mixins. These are available by importing compass/utilities/general/float.sass which also imports the clearfix module.
  2. +pie-clearfix
    Implementation of the position-is-everything clearfix that uses content :after.

Blueprint 0.8

The Compass port of Blueprint has been upgraded from 0.7.1 to 0.8.0. The 0.8.0 release brings many bug fixes and a few backward incompatible changes if you use it's presentational classnames (you don't do that, do you?). Upgrading to 0.8 is automatic when you upgrade to compass 0.6.0. The Blueprint team didn't release a detailed changelog for me to point at here. One of the key features of the release was the inclusion of three new core blueprint plugins (a.k.a. folders you can copy). These are what prompted the development of the compass patterns feature and two of them are packaged as patterns:

  1. Buttons
    To install: compass --framework blueprint --pattern buttons
    Then follow your nose.
  2. Link Icons
    To install: compass --framework blueprint --pattern link_icons
    Then follow your nose.

The third plugin is the RTL (right-to-left) plugin. To use this one, simply import it after the import of the blueprint grid and your mixins will be redefined to work in a left to right manner. Additionally, it provides +rtl-typography mixin that works in conjunction with +blueprint-typography and should be mixed in with it.

Lastly, I've rewrote some of the presentational class name generation code so that it very nearly matches the blueprint CSS. Please note that they are not 100% the same because we fix some bugs that are not yet fixed in blueprint-css and we use a different clearfix implementation.

Bug Fixes

  1. A Safari bug related to the +clearfix mixin was resolved.
  2. Running the compass command line installer a second time.

Bugs Introduced

Almost definitely. Please let me know if you encounter any problems and I'll get a patch out

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