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+title: "Anthony Short joins the Compass core team"
+description: "We're excited to announce a new team member: Anthony Short"
+author: chris
+Please join us in welcoming Anthony Short to the Compass core team.
+Anthony has been an active member in the "CSS Compiler" community for
+a very long time now. A couple years ago he shut down his own CSS
+compiler project called [Scaffold](
+and gave his backing to the Sass/Compass community. Since then, he
+has been an active member of our community.
+Anthony is a Designer and Developer at [Newism]( a
+web design and marketing firm in Newcastle, Australia. His depth and
+breadth of knowledge about CSS and cutting-edge design is evident in
+his work and his excellent pattern library for Compass:
+You can find Anthony on the web at these fine locations:
+* [Github](
+* [Twitter](!/anthonyshort)
+* [Blog](

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