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Fix bug with false values appearing in transtions

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commit cb6a802e1f7cf4c06c991a547a69e9d2bee74ca0 1 parent 6efffc2
@ericam ericam authored
6 frameworks/compass/stylesheets/compass/css3/_transition.scss
@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ $default-transition-property: all !default;
$default-transition-duration: 1s !default;
-$default-transition-function: false !default;
+$default-transition-function: null !default;
-$default-transition-delay: false !default;
+$default-transition-delay: null !default;
// These values need to be singled out, and have the given prefixes added to them.
$transitionable-prefixed-values : transform ms webkit,
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ $transitionable-prefixed-values : transform ms webkit,
@mixin transition(
) {
- $transitions: set-arglist-default($transition, $default-transition-property $default-transition-duration $default-transition-function $default-transition-delay);
+ $transitions: set-arglist-default($transition, compact($default-transition-property $default-transition-duration $default-transition-function $default-transition-delay));
@include experimental(transition, $transitions, $transition-support...);
4 test/fixtures/stylesheets/compass/css/transition.css
@@ -50,8 +50,8 @@
transition-property: opacity, transform, left; }
.default-transition {
- -webkit-transition: all 1s false false;
- transition: all 1s false false; }
+ -webkit-transition: all 1s;
+ transition: all 1s; }
.transition-timing {
-webkit-transition-timing-function: ease-in;
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