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Commits on May 30, 2011
  1. @hcatlin

    Following a similar API to how the Complier works, don't log

    hcatlin committed
    anything (don't even load up the logger!) if we pass in the :quiet option.
    I need this because of some conflicts with Compass::Logger, being referred
    to as "Logger", which seemed to be pulling out the main Logger. This is a
    seperate issue, but making this options[:quiet] API functional is a nice
    work-around that keeps things from getting too messy.
    Tests included, obviously.
  2. @hcatlin

    Previously, calling directory("/hi") would error, because

    hcatlin committed
    options would remain nil if self doesn't respond_to?(:options)
    So, just double check we have something in options
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