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Sprite Offset-y doesn't respond to percentage #1012

JaredSartin opened this Issue · 4 comments

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when you setup a sprite with +spritedir-sprite(icon-large, $offset-x: 100%, %offset-y: 50%) - the resulting sprite gets a background position of: 100% 50px.

Any number given to $offset-y is converted to px. This is all fine and dandy for vertical sprites, but horizontal ones need to do the 100% to the y offset.

Line 158 in compass / lib / compass / sass_extensions / functions / sprites.rb checks the x offset for percentage and uses it if there is, but nothing is done for the y offset - it just parses out the number and puts the px on there.



Was pretty simple... I couldn't find tests for this area, so I didn't include any.


wip: #1014

@scottdavis scottdavis closed this

is not finished.

@chriseppstein chriseppstein reopened this

Should be on top of the changes coming in #1771

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