One File named like a color caused an error (only colorname yellow) #1031

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I've found a bug with enabled option "output_style = :compressed".
I have a sprite set with files named like colors.

Testing case:
output_style = :compressed
(Rest like its defaults)

@import "compass";

@import "rawimages/*.png";
@include all-rawimages-sprites ;

border:solid 2px #000;

images/rawimages folder contains:

  • green.png
  • blue.png
  • red.png
  • yellow.png

Works fine with noncompressed files but if I enable compression yellow is parsed like this:

background:url('/SASSCOMPASS/img/rawimages-sb3b538c306.png') no-repeat

Instead of .rawimages-yellow it parses .rawimages-#ff0 (Hex Representation of yellow) but only at this one color.

@scottdavis scottdavis was assigned Oct 20, 2012

This bug is not restricted to filenames. I have following code

$colors: red #f00, yellow #ff0, green #0f0, blue #00f;
@each $entry in $colors {
    $name: nth($entry, 1);
    $color: nth($entry, 2);

    .box-#{$name} > header {
         background: $color;

Which works fine as long as I do not generate compressed output. With -output_style compressed the yellow class is missing in the generated CSS.

My workaround was to put yellow in quotes ("yellow") which surprisingly works.

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Some color names are reserved in sass for example when i try to assign that list as you have above

>> $colors: red #f00, yellow #ff0, green #0f0, blue #00f
(red red, yellow yellow, green lime, blue blue)
Using quotes around the color name is the correct thing to do if you are wanting this functionality.
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