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return sprite sheet width #1076

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how can i get the width/height of the compiled sprite sheet? the only solution i have found is looping through all the sprites and finding the largest one using image-width(sprite-file($map, $sprite).

Is there a way to get the sprite sheet url to use with image-width?

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This should be easy to add. If i may ask whats the use case?


It is for implementing a spriting solution for retina images. I know there is a lot of various techniques being used until this gets rolled into compass, but cutting the background-size width in half is neccessary when leveraging compass' current spriting strategy.


This will work:

$sprite-map-width: image-width( sprite-path($map) );

If you're having trouble using the above, use @debug( sprite-path($map) ) to find out if the file path is being set correctly, in my scenario I had set the generated_images_dir in my config.rb which the sprite-path function does not respect, so I needed to create a separate function to relink the result of sprite-path($map) to my actual folder like so:

/** Returns the correct image path of the generated_images_dir. */
@function sprt($path) {
  @return '../images/sprites/#{$path}';

$sprite-map-width: image-width( sprt( sprite-path($map) ) );

I agree however that it would be nice if there was a direct helper for this, something like: sprite-map-width($map) to give you the width of the map for example.


@jannisg That is working great. thanks.

@scottdavis scottdavis closed this in f8d9cc8

can these helpers (sprite-width, sprite-height ) be used within compass 0.12.2? It doesn't work for me?

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