Compass doesn't detect changes behind symbolic links #1110

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My config is that I have the styles folder within which I have a symlink named other to a directory containing another main.scss. In my styles/main.scss file I have @import other/main.scss. It doesn't matter if I invoke watch using:

$ compass watch --trace .


$ compass watch --trace styles/main.scss styles/other/main.scss

changes in the second file are not detected.
My config.rb file:

http_path = "/"
css_dir = "styles"
sass_dir = "styles"
images_dir = "static/img"
javascripts_dir = "."
fonts_dir = "static/fonts"
output_style = :expanded
relative_assets = false

I use OS X 10.8.2, my compass version is 0.12.2.

@mgol mgol referenced this issue in sass/sass Nov 30, 2012

make --watch work with symlinks #17


This seems similar to a SASS issue: sass/sass#17

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try the latest master


I believe this is caused by guard/listen#71.

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Yep this is caused by listen

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