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Basic Sourcemap support #1293

chriseppstein opened this Issue · 18 comments

I'd like to ship basic sourcemap support in 0.13 for application stylesheets and then follow up with more extensive support for extensions's stylesheets in a future release.

This issue will track what basic support means and will block the 0.13 release.

See also: #1108 for ideas around full sourcemap support


Hello, I managed my compass/sass/sourcemaps to work with the following settings:


Working with:

  • compass 0.12.4.sourcemaps (clavery-sourcemaps)
  • sass 3.3.0.alpha.134 (Bleeding Edge)

Hope this helps.


@ggodoyoliveira is there a fork here on github that I can use to read the diffs and see what you did?


It doesn`t seem to work anymore. Now back again to error "ERROR: Cannot load compass."

For now I'll not be working with compass, only sass to generate sourcemaps (sass --sourcemap --watch sass/main.scss:css/main.css)

@robwierzbowski robwierzbowski referenced this issue in gruntjs/grunt-contrib-compass

Sourcemaps #23


I'm a bit confused which ticket should we regard into this issue.

Of course, +1.


I actually managed to work with sourcemaps okay using @ggodoyoliveira settings it's been some months already:


  • gem install sass --pre
  • gem install compass --pre
  • gem install compass-sourcemaps --pre
  • Using compass-generic-config

What I couldn't make it work at all was the sprite generation only regarding #public_url, as I said on my comment @ #1339

But yeah, basic support is okay with compass-sourcemaps using compass' watch. The error "ERROR: Cannot load compass." just happens when invoking compass from sass as sass --compass --watch stylesheet.scss:stylesheet.css


+1 for this.




+1 for this


+3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510.... :)


+1 for this


It's in compass 1.0.0.alpha.16. Just released. File bugs if you find them!


@chriseppstein Does the sourcemap calls changed?

Having the options below on config.rb does not generate the .map files, using Sass 3.3.0.rc.2 (Maptastic Maple) + Compass 1.0.0.alpha.16.

enable_sourcemaps = true
sass_options = {:sourcemap => true }

I was using like that with compass-sourcemaps gem.


@RaphaelDDL From changelog:

* Compass now supports Sass sourcemaps. Pass the `--sourcemap` option to
  the compile or watch commands or set `sourcemap = true` in your
  compass configuration.

@mzgol I might be blind but I did a search on the repo for 'changelog' before asking that, and the most up-to-date was compass / doc-src / content / CHANGELOG.markdown which is 0.12.2

Could you share where this one you mentioned is?

Anyways, thank you very much =)

I confirm the sourcemaps are working. Just when using sprites that still bugs. I'll open an issue then.


@RaphaelDDL It's here:

I was just monitoring the repo & found this in a diff on a commit.

EDIT: if you saw 0.12.2 it's because you didn't switch from the stable branch to master before looking.

EDIT: it's easier to find it here:


@mzgol I changed. But seems github's upper search changes it back to the current 'default' one prior to searching. Thank you again for the urls, will bookmark them =)

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