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Sass::SyntaxError: File to import not found or unreadable: compass/reset back with Rails 3.2.RC1 #654

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With the release of rails 3.2.RC1 compass can't find the scss files again.

I have:

"@import 'compass/reset'" in one of my css files and it give the error in the subject line.

I have tried the alpha2 as well as the Master branch with no help.

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this seems to be an issue with sass-rails... we'll probably need to wait for a fix from the core rails team


I have this exact issue on Rails 3.2.1 and Sass-Rails 3.2.3, and compass 0.12.rc.1


bump Edited versions in comment above

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did you install compass-rails?


Looks like it came down to this solution



For me, the fix was simply taking gem 'compass/rails' out of group :assets in the Gemfile.

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im having zero issues on 3.2.2


@felipecsl you are da man. That fix worked for me too. Now if we could only know why (or if we had the time to spelunk!)


I just had the same problem and a quick google brought me here.

I used on a different project gem 'compass' and on a new one it gave me this error. I should've used gem 'compass-rails'

The reason it worked on the previous project was because I had

config.sass.load_paths << Compass::Frameworks['compass'].stylesheets_directory

under application.rb, but gem 'compass-rails' takes care of that.

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