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Compass `watch` broken on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview (Ruby 1.8.7) #732

OliverJAsh opened this Issue · 19 comments

When running $ compass watch on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (Developer Preview), this bug appears:

/Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/fssm-0.2.7/lib/fssm/backends/fsevents.rb:27: [BUG] Segmentation fault
ruby 1.8.7 (2011-12-28 patchlevel 357) [universal-darwin12.0]

Abort trap: 6 

We'll probably need to switch from fssm to listen in order to address this. Or maybe just upgrade fsevents. Since you're on the cutting edge, some more investigation would be greatly appreciated.


I updated both fsevents and the compass gem, but still get the same issue. It still works for the initial compile, but will crash on any subsequent changes to the sass. For now the only work around is to run "compass watch" each time you want to view the compiled changes. This would be a nice fix as defeats the productivity enhancements achieved by using watch ... and is quite annoying. =D


can you try the latest guard from master and see if it works? if it doesn't put a ticket in for the listen gem this is much higher level then compass its self.

@scottdavis scottdavis closed this
@chriseppstein chriseppstein reopened this

i was going handel this from the listen side since im working on that project


freaking ninja reopening!


Don't want to close the issue on our end until it's fixed in compass


i added a new label to test after listen integration and tagged a few tickets


Nuke the ruby cocoa fsevent backend. It's been broken since lion, and just if'd out. I'll update FSSM to just destroy it, though listen is the way moving forward.


Workaround on mountain lion: compass watch --poll


Was having same problem. Confirmed that above workaround works for a directory watch as well.


Still an issue, workaround still works. :D




I'm having this problem as well. Confirm workaround works.


So I updated the fssm gem to version 0.2.9 and compass watch seems to work again (although there is the fun message about fssm being dead that pops up now). I installed listen and nothing seems to have changed. Do I need to do something more in order to get Compass (v0.12.1/ sass v3.1.15) working with listen?


I've personally no problem with mountain lion now.


For me, updating the fssm (to 0.2.9) fixed the issue. I get that warning like @jnettik mentioned, but works for me. (I also reinstalled latest version of compass)

gem update fssm


Confirms that workaround on mountain lion works: compass watch --poll
But after gem update fssm there is no need for the workaround longer


try listen branch

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