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mother-effing hyphenation #788

chriseppstein opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Added with [bbdd701]

Chris, please let me know if you had something else in mind for this...



@nickcooley You beat me to this! One thing I was considering was whether there should be some way to have word-break without hyphenation, and possibly (?) the other way round, eg. bare urls in a hyphenated passage probably should break, but hyphenation would be bad… I think I would have leaned to two mixins, +word-break and +hyphens, named the same as the css props, and maybe a third to include them both? @chriseppstein?


Ryan --

Thx for the feedback! Much appreciated! So, the initial inspiration for the mixin was blog post listed above. I think you make a really good point though and that is to create mixins for the lower level elements as well... I'll get cracking on that (as well as adding other mixins based on the CSS Text Level 3 spec while I'm at it:

To stay consistent with the spec, I may rename the partial to "_text" as all of these features fall under the CSS3 "Text" spec.

Thoughts on that?


@nickcooley Awesome! Let me know if I can help further. As for where this should go in Compass, it’s Chris’ call.


@chriseppstein -- Do you have any thoughts about where this fits into existing mixin structure? Technically, like I said, word-breaks and hyphenation is all part of the CSS Text Lvl3 spec. But so are things like text-shadow (which has its own mixin.) or text-outline which technically could fall into it too...


where you have it seems ok

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@nickcooley nickcooley Mother-effing hyphenation
[#788] adds mixin for word-break and hyphens
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@nickcooley nickcooley Mother-effing hyphenation
[#788] adds mixin for word-break and hyphens

@chriseppstein Should this be closed now that it's been committed? @nickcooley Was there more work to do on this?

@scottdavis scottdavis closed this
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