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Imported files not always ending up in compiled result #818

roytomeij opened this Issue · 6 comments

4 participants

Roy Tomeij Scott Davis Jakob Hilden Chris Eppstein
Roy Tomeij

Sorry for the shitty title.

In my modular approach I have an application.css.sass in a Rails 3.2.1 which imports a bunch of partials, for variables, modules, etc. My application.css.sass looks like this:

@import "base/variables"
@import "base/compass_framework"
@import "base/mixins"
@import "generic/*"
@import "modules/*"

This works well most of the time. Sometimes newly added files inside the modules directory (e.g. modules/_foo.css.sass) aren't added at all to the compiled result, and sometimes changes made to existing files aren't included. There doesn't seem to be a way to fix this, but what seems to "help" is restarting Thin, remove a " somewhere in application.css.sass to trigger an error and then fix the error. That often means spending 5 minutes to see a change, after first trying to figure out what I did wrong.

As @scottdavis said on Twitter, it might be Sprockets & depend_on. I myself have absolutely no clue (what else is new).

Roy Tomeij

Also, this one should probably have been in the compass-rails project. Also 2, I was still running on version 1.0.0.rc2 of compass-rails. Let's see how things work out on 1.0.1 ;)

Scott Davis
Jakob Hilden

We are having the same issue. Where could I track progress on this?

Scott Davis

@roy did you make an issue on sass-rails?

Roy Tomeij
Jakob Hilden

It occured in version 3.2.4 and the remedy was to change something in the application.css.sass in order for it to reload. Updating to 3.2.5 now to see if it still happens.

Alan Hogan alanhogan referenced this issue in rails/sass-rails

New files get ignored #107

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