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Imported files not always ending up in compiled result #818

roytomeij opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Sorry for the shitty title.

In my modular approach I have an application.css.sass in a Rails 3.2.1 which imports a bunch of partials, for variables, modules, etc. My application.css.sass looks like this:

@import "base/variables"
@import "base/compass_framework"
@import "base/mixins"
@import "generic/*"
@import "modules/*"

This works well most of the time. Sometimes newly added files inside the modules directory (e.g. modules/_foo.css.sass) aren't added at all to the compiled result, and sometimes changes made to existing files aren't included. There doesn't seem to be a way to fix this, but what seems to "help" is restarting Thin, remove a " somewhere in application.css.sass to trigger an error and then fix the error. That often means spending 5 minutes to see a change, after first trying to figure out what I did wrong.

As @scottdavis said on Twitter, it might be Sprockets & depend_on. I myself have absolutely no clue (what else is new).


Also, this one should probably have been in the compass-rails project. Also 2, I was still running on version 1.0.0.rc2 of compass-rails. Let's see how things work out on 1.0.1 ;)


We are having the same issue. Where could I track progress on this?


@roy did you make an issue on sass-rails?


It occured in version 3.2.4 and the remedy was to change something in the application.css.sass in order for it to reload. Updating to 3.2.5 now to see if it still happens.

@alanhogan alanhogan referenced this issue in rails/sass-rails

New files get ignored #107

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