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Consider spacing on smart layout. Improves #1303 Fixes #718 #1429

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3 participants

Camilo Nova Scott Davis Chris Eppstein
Camilo Nova

No description provided.

Scott Davis

Now we are getting there!

Camilo Nova

@scottdavis great, so how can we make this happen?

Scott Davis scottdavis was assigned
Camilo Nova

@scottdavis I'll need help for the unit test.

Camilo Nova

@scottdavis can I get a little help in here?

Chris Eppstein

I'm closing this PR because there's been too much change since it was initially submitted. Sorry, We're going to do better going forward. Hopefully, someone can resubmit the change against 1.0. Features should be submitted to the master branch, bug fixes to the stable branch.

Chris Eppstein

Should be on top of the changes coming in #1771.

Camilo Nova

So sad.

Chris Eppstein

@camilonova I agree. I don't think it will be hard to clean this patch up. I'm trying to get this project back on track, and that meant focusing on some core things for a while. But now we're ready to receive PRs like this.

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Showing with 16 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +16 −1 lib/compass/sass_extensions/sprites/layout/smart.rb
17 lib/compass/sass_extensions/sprites/layout/smart.rb
@@ -13,14 +13,29 @@ def layout!
def calculate_positions!
fitter =
current_y = 0
+ width = 0
+ height = 0
+ last_row_spacing = 9999!.each do |row|
current_x = 0
+ current_x = 0
+ row_height = 0
row.images.each_with_index do |image, index|
+ extra_y = [image.spacing - last_row_spacing,0].max
+ if index > 0
+ last_image = row.images[index-1]
+ current_x += [image.spacing, last_image.spacing].max
+ end
image.left = current_x
- = current_y
+ = current_y + extra_y
current_x += image.width
+ width = [width, current_x].max
+ row_height = [row_height, extra_y + image.height + image.spacing].max
current_y += row.height
+ height = [height, current_y].max
+ last_row_spacing = row_height - row.height
+ current_y += last_row_spacing
@width = fitter.width
@height = fitter.height
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