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Adding Micro Clearfix #386

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Thought this could be used at some point as it uses less CSS than the PIE clearfix and it seems robust, covering all main browsers. Have put credit in scss.
By the way, this is my first ever fork/pull request. :-)

Compass member

I'm currently pondering whether we should just cut over pie-clearfix to this and change the current pie-clearfix to legacy-pie-clearfix.

I like to keep compass users up to date without them having to do much work.

Also this needs a test case.

Compass member

@ericam, @imathis Thoughts?

Compass member

I like moving to the micro approach in general, and leaving FF < 3.5 to a legacy mixin.

I don't like the use of the :before element. The only reason for including it is to prevent top-margin collapsing, which is outside the scope of a clearfix, and belongs somewhere else if people want it. I use the :before and :after pseudo-elements enough for other purposes that I don't like them being used up when they don't need to be.

@chriseppstein chriseppstein merged commit cb6068c into Compass:master

Why was this closed? This seems better than the current @clearfix mixin.

@Snugug Snugug referenced this pull request

Snugug clearfix #1485

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  1. +13 −0 frameworks/compass/stylesheets/compass/utilities/general/_clearfix.scss
13 frameworks/compass/stylesheets/compass/utilities/general/_clearfix.scss
@@ -29,3 +29,16 @@
@include has-layout;
+// An update to the PIE clearfix method that reduces the amount of CSS required
+// [A new micro clearfix hack]( (25 April 2011)
+@mixin micro-clearfix {
+ &:before, &:after {
+ content: "";
+ display: table;
+ }
+ &:after {
+ clear: both;
+ }
+ @include has-layout;
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