Correct Mime type for woff font files #754

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aaronchi commented Mar 7, 2012

This avoids a warning in Chrome when using embedded fonts


oh man that is a hack? did you request this from them yet?


haven't had time yet. will do so soon.


@sstephenson @josh ping. would love some advice on what we can do here.


you could probably just monkey patch this to work: but if this works for now don't bother


Ah, so I'm not the only one puzzled by image_path and rails integration. Any exciting news on this front?


Rails.application.config.assets.digests.empty? #=> false if there are precompiled assets, true if no


We change this to use "Rails.application.config.assets.digest" setting.


static_root was deprecated on Sprockets


what is the new approach?

Something like (haven't tested):

target =, Rails.application.config.assets.prefix))
asset = Rails.application.assets.find_asset(logical_path)
filename = target.join(asset.digest_path)

Take a look to how is done the assets.rake in Rails for guidance:


hmm that was where I got this code originally. I guess it changed recently. thanks.


would you like to submit a patch?

scottdavis and others added some commits Sep 3, 2011
@scottdavis scottdavis refactored docs to use latest nanoc and extracted styles to compass-…
…theme gem
@scottdavis scottdavis diagonal layout now goes i nthe correct direction and refactored some…
… internals
@scottdavis scottdavis updated gemfile so rcov will only install with mri_18 8ae8417
@scottdavis scottdavis sprite layout tutorial b7f44a4
@ni-lguan ni-lguan Fixed the issues on compiling examples
Getting errors when running "rake examples", making following updates:
* Use https instead http for github access * Set use SSL flag for http
client * Fix the link for compass-960-plugin
@scottdavis scottdavis refactored for cleanliness 8ccdab4
@botandrose botandrose Inline fonts weren't being base64 encoded. bced277
@scottdavis scottdavis new sprite tutorials e95ba13
@scottdavis scottdavis broke out sprite docs to be less complex 16bbc81
@scottdavis scottdavis true not false 0667ccf
@botandrose botandrose add test for inline_font_files() d644e54
Raving Genius Added test coverage for font_files (issue #543) 8a2da92
Raving Genius Stop requiring font type when type can be guessed from URL (issue #544) 3514898
@scottdavis scottdavis some internal refactoring im image_functions abace68
@scottdavis scottdavis moved to private 7f8b6c2
@scottdavis scottdavis monkey patch to rails 3.1 image functions 91aaa29
@scottdavis scottdavis prefix with :: just incase 2792ea3
@scottdavis scottdavis dont cache 2367b9b
@scottdavis scottdavis cache the image dimensions in sass options 45b19df
@scottdavis scottdavis fixed typo =( ec90cf5
@scottdavis scottdavis dont cache in custom 3e5b3cf
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge branch 'stable'
* stable:
  changelog for user-select
  removed useless unit
  user-select mixin with docs and tests

@scottdavis scottdavis Revert "removed useless unit"
This reverts commit a8ff39a.

This commit was breaking tests
@scottdavis scottdavis Sprite importer now passes the correct filename to the sass engine wh…
…ich was causeing unexpected uris to get returned

This fixes the 'to_tree' error that wasn't really a sass bug it was an error on the sprite importers part
@scottdavis scottdavis fixes #551 with failing test e52184b
@scottdavis scottdavis image_size was causing issue with rails and the sass evaluation context 660c569
@beausmith beausmith Fixing funny typo, abiding by the rules of using Compass. 9d48b25
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge pull request #549 from ravinggenius/master
Test and refactoring of font_files (issues #543 and #544) on master branch
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Update changelog 9d1e2c9
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge branch 'stable'
* stable:
  Use the default compass images directory in the spriting tutorial
  added detail to rhythm-border documentation.
  update to Version 1.0beta5
  update to Version 1.0beta4
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge remote branch 'botandrose/patch-4'
* botandrose/patch-4:
  add test for inline_font_files()
  Inline fonts weren't being base64 encoded.
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge pull request #537 from pzgz/master
Fixed errors when trying to compile examples by rake command. Update reference to the 960 grid plugin.
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Update changelog 493f01c
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Revert "Revert "removed useless unit""
This reverts commit f0f4ac9.
@chriseppstein chriseppstein slightly better error message 87377ad
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Fix broken tests. d7a579c
@scottdavis scottdavis fixed issue with showing positions and made the internal api consista…
…nt with the documentation
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge branch 'master' of 88ee68d
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Workaround for the deprecated static_root fe4edff
@johnbintz johnbintz better sorting of images coming into sprites, fixes one rbx error c959379
@chriseppstein chriseppstein A better setting to check if we are precompiling 5fd2c14
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Log the creation or unchanged status of sprites during compilation. cd907d1
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Slightly prettier output during sprite file generation. de029ba
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Bump sprite version for this release. 8b33471
@chriseppstein chriseppstein In some cases changing the layout doesn't force the sprite hash to ch…
…ange, so we have to make the layout part of the hash.
@chriseppstein chriseppstein code cleanup b5ca894
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Handle the case where the there is not relative path to the images di…
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Tests need a logger. 942a84d
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Fix broken tests c217ede

i really hate this every time i see it there has got to be a cleaner way to lay this out and make it more readable? erb maybe?


sure. if it's prettier


i would do kwargs.inspect instead of layout currently if you change any of the global sprite options it doesn't get rendered


inspect's behavior is pretty ill-defined. Better to iterate over the keys in sorted order.


thats fine or use string interpolation


Needs docs.

scottdavis and others added some commits Sep 24, 2011
@scottdavis scottdavis updated for image_size monkey patch for api change 9b56dc6
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Refactor loggin within sprites
Handle missing logger instance more elegantly and centralize
relativizing and quiet mode checking.

Closes GH-84.


Thx for the fix

scottdavis and others added some commits Dec 10, 2011
@scottdavis scottdavis tuned Gemfile for travis-ci 5bf3b68
@scottdavis scottdavis compass will now detect if your in a rails app and attempt to load it…
…s configuration from the application.rb if you are not using a compass configuration file
@scottdavis scottdavis fixed some issues with test runners calling out the the command line …
…which was creating unexpected results
@scottdavis scottdavis detecting rails was breaking features on traivis ci will investigate 7d22d36
@scottdavis scottdavis bump sprite version for next release 03f648d
@scottdavis scottdavis merge from stable 1e74425
@scottdavis scottdavis Revert "bump sprite version for next release"
This reverts commit 03f648d.
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Allow the vertical rhythm to adjust to half lines when -to-nearest-ha…
…lf-line is set to true in order to avoid awkwardly large gaps between lines. This setting is false by default.
@scottdavis scottdavis added reset-baseline to vertical rhythym c92766b
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge branch 'master' of 4b99aff
@scottdavis scottdavis changelog 986714a
@tka tka if manifest_file not exists, discover :all b263bfd
@tka tka update docs for missing manifest file bac8667
@scottdavis scottdavis removed rails integration files 829d44f
@scottdavis scottdavis removed rails tests and total rails itegration 16fff73
@scottdavis scottdavis removed rails features c669be8
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Make the -line-padding variable in the vertical rhythm module configu…
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Support for new versions of sass where the callback name changed. 3110fc5
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge branch 'stable'
@chriseppstein chriseppstein update changelog for release 4171c0e
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge branch 'stable' 39db29c
@scottdavis scottdavis added -ms prefix to transitions via #590 0f0c92e
@scottdavis scottdavis added test for alternating rows and columns dec5c9c
@scottdavis scottdavis removed ms prefix from box-sizing and added a test case 6c98ff1
@scottdavis scottdavis added sprite_names sass function and test closes #620 f4dda8a
@scottdavis scottdavis added tests for transition-duration via #575 a7a8cca
@scottdavis scottdavis inital implimentation of border-image 3d23b36
@scottdavis scottdavis docs for border-image 9c0539a
@scottdavis scottdavis changelog updated f8378d0
@scottdavis scottdavis added support for --debug-info and --no-debug-info to compass compile a8e48c5
@scottdavis scottdavis changelog 49faec1
@scottdavis scottdavis app integration cf48059
@scottdavis scottdavis removed border-image ... someone needs to learn to close old issues =( 88aa3b3
@scottdavis scottdavis changlog f1a6d3a
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge branch 'master' into no_rails_integration 810a543
@scottdavis scottdavis removed merb b87dffb
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Fix a gemspec issue. 1f1f4e2
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Version bump 2bd1775
@scottdavis scottdavis nuked merb 7c8c016
@scottdavis scottdavis fixed rouge puts bffba48
@ry5n ry5n Fix typo in …help/turorials/contributing df6524e
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge pull request #668 from ry5n/master
Added the one typo fix that wasn’t already in master
@scottdavis scottdavis compass command is now bundler aware 233ec88
@scottdavis scottdavis merge stable 3df5ba3
@scottdavis scottdavis fixed tests 8c84869
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge branch 'master' into no_rails_integration 4e50273
@scottdavis scottdavis dont require defaults only assets group 5948a7e
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge branch 'no_rails_integration' of…
…ss into no_rails_integration
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Don't set the quiet option unless disable_warnings is passed via the …
…nested :sass options hash.
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge branch 'stable'
@scottdavis scottdavis strip .css from file names w/ test 7d87a2e
@scottdavis scottdavis remove todo comment c3b0f01
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Changelog for rc.0 and a blog post. d642ae7
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Allow some config attributes that are arrays to be inherited properly
from inherited config data.
@scottdavis scottdavis failing test for weird data inheritance bug f70afea
@scottdavis scottdavis fixed weird bug with data inheritance e4681e2
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Update the madlib for compass 0.12 and compass-rails. ee1adf9
@scottdavis scottdavis fixed bug where application integrations would not load if there was …
…a config file
@scottdavis scottdavis sprite importer will now error if it does not find the associated glob 7198a69
@scottdavis scottdavis refactored the previous change f11e5a3
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge branch 'no_rails_integration' of…
…ss into no_rails_integration
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge commit 'bac8667fb4d0103b975dacc261ed1da08f455e49' into no_rails…
@jezdez jezdez Flush stdout buffer to make sure the stdout message show up correctly. ff51850
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Account for the fact that ruby 1.8 returns strings from the local_var…
…iables method.
@scottdavis scottdavis change version 0e74efb
@scottdavis scottdavis strip nils 3d4ddca
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Compass 0.12 blog post 144ae4f
@scottdavis scottdavis fixed problem with path and ree/1.8.7 in test case 5cd4136
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge branch 'no_rails_integration' of…
…ss into no_rails_integration
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge branch 'no_rails_integration' addbc94
@scottdavis scottdavis fixed version fedc4fa
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Add img to the inline-block display type for elements-of-type(). 050e45d
@scottdavis scottdavis merge 05364e0
@scottdavis scottdavis rogue quote ea67727
@scottdavis scottdavis fixed test 2c42399
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge branch 'master' of c403ac9
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Upgrade notifications for compass rails users to use the compass-rail…
…s gem.
@scottdavis scottdavis version bump 99c1d37
Hampton Catlin small documentation change to 3d transforms. referenced here: http://… 6cca0c4
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge pull request #706 from hcatlin/master
Documentation Tweak
@Xananax Xananax updated sprite tests to reflect property
background to background-image change
@Xananax Xananax Changed the background property into
background-image property in order
to allow one to set a background-color;
previously, background-color was
overriden by the background style.
Also added background-repeat property.
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge pull request #712 from Xananax/sprite_background_image
Sprite background image
@scottdavis scottdavis Revert "Merge pull request #712 from Xananax/sprite_background_image"
This reverts commit 0c208d5, reversing
changes made to c81af69.
@nathggns nathggns Fix links in spriting that result in 404s 75df388
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge pull request #717 from nathggns/master
Fix 404 links.
@sunny sunny When @importing "compass/utilities/sprites" also load "sprites/base" 52065da
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge pull request #729 from cosmic/load_sprites_base
Load sprites base
@ry5n ry5n Fix link to partials in docs (help/tutorials/best_practices) eec7b43
@scottdavis scottdavis Merge pull request #736 from ry5n/master
Fix link to partials in docs (help/tutorials/best_practices)
@scottdavis scottdavis removed unneeded timecop 9b39b57
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Whitespace 6a89268
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge branch 'stable'
@chriseppstein chriseppstein ruby prof too da895da
@chriseppstein chriseppstein Merge branch 'stable'
@imathis imathis Improved hide-text mixin performance and accessibility, closes #743 f1187ba
@imathis imathis Added hide-text improvement to changelog 3fded65
@aaronchi aaronchi Use the corrent mime type for woff font files: 55d4d36
aaronchi commented Mar 7, 2012

sorry. this should be commited to master :(

@aaronchi aaronchi closed this Mar 7, 2012
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