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When there are some repeat-x images in the sprite and some other images have position set to 100%, there is a gap between sprite's right side and images with position = 100% (because width-fix was applied after they had been positioned).
I tried to figure out how to write a test for such case and I must say that your tests are difficult to comprehend ;)


awesome thanks! can you write a test for this? also in the future could you make pull requests against the master branch!


Well, I just made a quick fix for myself and decided I should share it this way.
I can formulate the test - it should use a directory with several x-repeated images of different width + some regular wide image and check if sprite map's width is correct. But I'm not sure where to place this test in your test infrastructure.
As for the master branch - sprite map width is calculated in some other place there, and my fix is for version 0.11.5. (which I am currently using).

so to be clear what your doing here is bumping the total with to be a factor of the image your repeating? need to implement this in master


@scottdavis can you review and merge when convenient?

@scottdavis scottdavis commented on the diff May 28, 2012
@@ -1,3 +1,5 @@
+require 'rational'
scottdavis May 28, 2012 Member

Do we need this require?

vbichkovsky May 29, 2012 Contributor

Nope, it just happened that my commit contained these changes and I created a pull request from it. You only need to change layout_methods.rb

scottdavis May 31, 2012 Member

manually changing something kinda makes using pull requests pointless =p


@scottdavis what's the status here? Are you holding this up so that a single require can be removed? >_<


No I'm holding it up because I'm busy I'll get to it this week I'm going to cherry-pick it into master

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On Jun 4, 2012, at 2:28 AM, Chris wrote:

@scottdavis what's the status here? Are you holding this up so that a single require can be removed? >_<

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