Issue Policies and Procedures

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This page describes the labels and milestones we use to manage issues filed against Compass so that people who would like to contribute can understand them and find the places where they can contribute most quickly.


  • An Upcoming Minor Release - We'd like to get a fix ASAP and ship it as part of a Minor release. If you are making a patch, please make a topic branch for the issue from the stable branch.
  • Next Major Release - This is probably a new feature, an issue with backwards compatibility concerns, or a major code change that is likely to introduce instability. So the feature will ship in first major release after the code lands on the master branch.
  • Ze Future - In theory we'd like to have this addressed, but we haven't prioritized it or finalized the plan to a point where the issue can be worked on in earnest. If you would like to work on one of these issues, please talk to the team first so we can fill you in on what the complexity is.
  • In Triage - These issues have not yet been confirmed. You can help by reading them and trying to provide a reproducible series of steps or a failing test case.


  • no_ruby_skills_needed - You can address this issue without knowing any ruby.
  • ruby_skills_required - You will need to know how to write ruby to work on this issue.